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It's time to get serious.

As most of you know, Dane isn't going to be around for awhile, if ever again. However, he left some parting words with me via email:
Dane/FAQ man Wrote:You caught me just as I was checking this email for the last time. Make it so you can google anything with the word tulpa in it and get tulpa.info we need to be more searchable on google as a main priority. Tulpa FAQ, tulpa creation, anything with tulpa needs to yeild tulpa.info as a first. That should be your priority.

Up until now, we've been closed off to the chans and a few blogs. Nobody knows much of this stuff, and it's staying quiet, in the background, and it's a matter of time before someone starts getting loud. It should be us and not some bright-red lettered webpage selling an ebook on how to create a tulpa for $49.99.

Following Dane's request, I'm going to make it my number one priority to get this up in the rankings, but I need your help. I don't know much about SEO, and I'm not sure how to accomplish what we'd have to do without paying google (something I'm not doing, already invested a ton of money into this).

Leading up to this point, I have already spent a huge amount of time on getting most of the guides not only converted to text so they'll actually come up when people are searching, but also working on how they're presented in HTML so the search engines can pick them up properly. For instance, here's the raw HTML that goes between the content divs of the Frequently Asked Questions.

Well, now it's time to break out of the shell, even if it's just for those who are looking. I'll post more in the discussion topic, which you can find here (you'll need to register): It's time to get serious - discussion thread.

This is a message for the bloggers:
Some of you may just be just learning about this community today, others may have been long members. You guys can help in one of the biggest ways right now, and here's how.
If you've read Chupi's latest blog entry, you probably read this part:
Chupi Wrote:Note: I added a direct link to tulpa.info to my blog. I encourage other tulpa bloggers to do the same so that searches for “tulpa” return actual useful results, and simply to help newfriends find out WTF we’re on about.

I'm personally asking (if you have the time, and it's at your convenience) if you could do the following: Check the Discussion thread for more information.

Another update!
We are now on page 2 when googling "What is a tulpa?"
Also, a copy from my latest blog post; if this applies to you, read it: My request to the blogs, website, and other tulpa-related resources!
05-15-2012, 02:10 PM
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