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READ THIS: About this board

The new layout of the Guides section divides what were previously 'guides' into three sections:
Guides - specific methods; 'how-to's; and so on.
Tips and Tricks - advice that doesn't describe a full method.
Resources - items that are purely supplemental, such as tones or scripts.

Submissions for any of these categories should go in the 'Submissions' board but please do make it clear which category you want your thread to go in.

There they'll be reviewed and critiqued by the Guide Approval Team along with all of the other threads currently in there. Threads that are stickied have been approved by at least 1 GAT member and are up for review by the rest of the team. Both GAT members and non-GAT members are invited to share their opinions and criticisms on guides.

Once a guide gets approved by over 60% of the GAT, it will be moved to the appropriate section. If it is disapproved, it'll stay in submissions until the votes change.

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12-11-2013, 10:35 PM

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