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Chat Thread - Enny - 06-09-2015

Old chat thread is archived, and I'd like to get to know some of you guys and talk about random stuff here on the forums. After some extensive lurking on the IRC over the past few days, I've decided that I hate it, and most of its inhabitants, so here we are.

I'm also tethered to mobile and that makes active conversation difficult in any live chat environment, especially when it gets fast-paced.

Anyway, I've been exercising lately, that's fun. And by fun, I mean terrible. I'm not a major fatty or anything, but my teenage metabolism is starting to die down, and I'm getting a gut. I pretty much wanna die at the end of the day because it hurts so much, but all worth it if I can not die at fifty.

Anyone have any tips for getting healthier, or any particular workout routine suggestions?

Talk about other stuff too, though. I've been here for a couple years now and don't even feel like I'm a part of the community.

RE: Chat Thread - Kiahdaj - 06-09-2015

I'm not big on exercising, myself. I don't need to do it for weight loss, though, as I have very little fat to lose. If anything, a bit of extra strength, or general health could be nice though.
In particular, I hate weight-lifting. I think I much prefer calisthenics, so that's probably what I'll do, next time I pick it up. I've been exercising on and off for about 7 years.

I must say, I don't feel like much of a part of the community anymore, myself—which is pretty sad.

Also sticky'd, because.

RE: Chat Thread - Enny - 06-09-2015

Weights are out of my reach, but I can't imagine using them so much, myself. So far it's been the general stuff. Push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, planks, just stuff I can do without leaving the house. Though, I do plan on getting out soon. Bike has been out of commission for a while, and I wanna take a look and see if I can fix it. Being able to ride the thing for more than five minutes without being completely winded would be nice, aha. If nothing else, just getting the sunlight would be nice, I'm pale as hell.

And ah, it happens. I modded this tiny chat site for a while, and despite my friends still being there, all of the new kids were making it feel more like a different place every day. And here on .info, with old members leaving all the time, it can be even worse.

When I joined, you were actually fairly inactive, and on your way out, if I recall. Aha, made the big exit with 666 posts, you lame, lame person. Glad you made a come-back and are now active, though, especially knowing that you feel distant now.

Maybe we can all make friends and never leave each other again, yeah? Maybe we can watch each other sleep, too. Be the best of communities. The, uh.. Closest of communities.

RE: Chat Thread - Kiahdaj - 06-09-2015

Oh yeah, I don't really like cardio. I think a lot of that is actually probably because I feel embarrassed when I run or ride a bike. I couldn't even tell you why. Otherwise, I like running.
In other words, I blame any lack of cardiovascular health on other people.

Oh, I definitely know what you mean about new kids making places feel different. I've seen this place go through a lot of change, and I've never had as much fun here as I did back in late 2012 - early 2013.

hahaha, I forgot about that. I saw that I was very near, and took advantage of the lame opportunity.
I wouldn't really say I'm very active now, though. It's been quite some time since I would have said that. I've been very active behind the scenes, but I don't really do all that much community interaction, these days. Since the move back to Rizon, I've done some more occasional talking on the IRC, and I've been participating in a few Forum Games. It's not much, but I guess it's an improvement.
I would be interested in becoming a greater part of the actual community, and making some friends. I've grown pretty distant, over the years.
Though I am sick to death of answering the same ol' questions.

RE: Chat Thread - TheSanctuary - 06-09-2015

Key Kiahdaj! What does forcing mean? XD.

Seriously though- I've done the mod thing too. Came to a point for me when it felt many people responding to me were responding to a moderator than me as a person. Kinda weird feeling that made me feel less inclined to post.

Henceforth I shalt endeavour in my massively infrequent posts to not treat you as a magical badge of authority and instead as someone I don't actually know that well ^^; .. Hmm.. That might seem too similar and or indistinguishable from one another.. Guess I'll have to get to know you then!

Favourite colour? How about 'your idea of the ultimate sandwich!'

Actually I'm genuinely interested in that last one now eheheh.

RE: Chat Thread - Kiahdaj - 06-09-2015

My favorite color is a tie of blue and black. I couldn't tell you what the ultimate sandwich would be, but I can assure you that it would involve probably some Italian-style bread, turkey, bacon, probably some other meats, olives, some nice oil, probably provolone cheese, onions, banana peppers, and.. Whatever else I'm in the mood for, I guess. I'm surely forgetting something too.

RE: Chat Thread - TheSanctuary - 06-09-2015

See now I'm kicking myself for asking that because now I'm hungry and in the middle of work. >,<.

Oh well did it to myself I guess. Also imma have to look up provolone cheese as I've not even heard of that before. Sounds tasty though..

RE: Chat Thread - Enny - 06-09-2015

Sandwiches are good. My favorite sandwich thing is a Philly-steak-and-cheese or whatever with lots of peppers. Or anything with exceedingly Italian meats.

So Kiahdaj, since we're asking you questions, I'm wondering. What's your tupper's name and form? Pretty sure you don't have a PR, and I don't have the energy to read every single post of yours to find out. I've actually been fairly curious since early 2013 when I first read your guide, but have never thought to ask. Aha, back then, most old members to me seemed like they were too far above me to care about my questions. This is actually the first and only forum I've ever been a part of, and I wasn't sure if there was any celebrity-esque worship of old members and people who wrote guides or seemed knowledgeable, back then. So yeah, aha, was too intimidated.

But yeah, you don't really seem to speak about them, much. You mentioned the gender in your guide I believe, but yeah, not sure about much past that.

RE: Chat Thread - Kiahdaj - 06-09-2015

That's cute.

Anyway, I have two, and their names are Setsuna and Elisabeth. They are both realistic humans.

RE: Chat Thread - Luminesce - 06-09-2015

(06-09-2015, 04:13 AM)Enny Wrote: After some extensive lurking on the IRC over the past few days, I've decided that I hate it, and most of its inhabitants, so here we are.

Lol'd. People like IRC over forum communication because it's instantaneous and easy. But I like forum communication because it forces most people to actually put thought into what they're saying, and emphasizes reading responses. I find myself typing a lot and reading little until I've finished my ranting when on IRC, and I certainly stream-of-consciousness much more. Nothing wrong with a little wait time.

I've done the mod thing too, except I had sort of the opposite experience for a while. I've always been caring and willing to help people, but I was mostly* ignored despite that. When a member of the staff had a conversation with me one day, she recommended me to the staff administrator, and suddenly everyone knew me as "A really great guy". But nothing changed, other than gaining a shiny symbol that made my word gold. And for the most part, that just meant I was able to help more people and make more friends.

*Mostly ignored. I attracted the "newbies", "uncool" and even foreign people. They liked that I actually listened to them, and made up 85% of my friends list on the game I moderated. While they weren't always the best for intelligent conversation, I have to wonder why it took a shiny symbol, or in other places seniority, to start making real connections. This was the case in real life too, I was always friends with the not-cool kids. Something about people like that, they have a knack for seeing the good in others. More of us need to be like them, and stop getting caught up in social status. Just be a good person.