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Ask Brassow - Brassow - 11-19-2015

Perhaps it's time I had one of these.
Okay, ask away with your questions, Eva will take some too, but be sure to specify who you're asking. Pretty much any question is welcome and I will try to answer any that come my way.

RE: Ask Brassow - glitchthe3rd - 11-19-2015

What's your wonderland like?

RE: Ask Brassow - Brassow - 11-19-2015

(11-19-2015, 08:16 PM)glitchthe3rd Wrote: What's your wonderland like?

If you've ever played the game Rust about a year ago, it had a map of a couple square Kilometers.
[Image: 4E9707F63E3B1CD52EE4ED48D222704EE50F3578]

The setting is a pretty empty, quiet, and with a large post-apocalyptic theme.
[Image: zcaglII.jpg]
I pretty much followed that because having spend over 200 hours exploring it, I kind of knew it like the back of my hand. I also have pretty much an exact copy of my house next to one of the locations (called small rad town).

RE: Ask Brassow - TheCrawlingCreepypasta - 11-20-2015

What is love?
On a slightly more logical note, what guides did you use for Eva?

RE: Ask Brassow - Brassow - 11-20-2015

(11-20-2015, 02:24 AM)TheCrawlingCreepypasta Wrote: What is love?
On a slightly more logical note, what guides did you use for Eva?

Love is a noun very subjective to whom you ask. To me, there isn't a whole lot of things I truly love, which makes it easier for me to describe. It's something that gives you the will to keep pushing throughout the days and weeks, with the thing you love acting as fuel. There are two main things I love. The first being Eva, giving me inspiration to trek onwards to do my best. The second is making others laugh and smile. Perhaps that's the reason I camped out in lounge and forum games for the past year and a half, and also why I have my apparent "attention whoring" personality. Because it's what I love, helping others get through their day.

Guides... Well when I began with Eva on April 10th 2015, I was in a hotel room in Paris with very poor wifi. So basically I scrounged up what I knew had worked on my past tulpa (Rip Jason 2014-2015ish) and started from there. I tend not to use guides that often because to me tulpamancy isn't about reading a map and following the trail, it's about the explorations you commit to and the stories you make along the way.

RE: Ask Brassow - Paranoid Llama - 11-20-2015

How did you become the King of Forum Games?

RE: Ask Brassow - Brassow - 11-20-2015

Well in 2014 back when I joined I pretty much latched on to the forum games. Whenever a new game was introduced, you could count on Brassow answering the call to adventure. I kind of took on the nickname at the beginning of the "Mafia" Games (Which I would love to do more of). Sushi commented "It isn't a forum game until Brassow joins" which I took as meaning I hold a lot of reputation in the games. So I proclaimed myself the king of the forum games.

RE: Ask Brassow - TheCrawlingCreepypasta - 11-20-2015

You were supposed to sing "Baby don't hurt me" but tbh I like your response more.
Your thoughts on guides are something many of us can't stress enough; its the journey that's important.

How often do you force, and how long(On average)?

RE: Ask Brassow - Brassow - 11-20-2015

(11-20-2015, 04:03 AM)TheCrawlingCreepypasta Wrote: How often do you force, and how long(On average)?
I try to force nightly, but I'm never consistent with the amount of time I spend doing so. More often then not I just fall asleep mid session. I think I'll try lucid dreaming again, as I didn't have much progress when I last tried.

RE: Ask Brassow - Anonymous - 11-20-2015

What are you predictions for Tulpa Info in the coming year? Any weird premonitions?