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How'd you find Tulpa.info? - Pleeb - 05-20-2012

As the subject asks, how'd you find us?
Or about tulpæ in general, if you want to talk about that too.

RE: How'd you find Tulpa.info? - ThatOneGuy - 05-20-2012

I knew about tulpae pretty early on in my practices, about one and a half years ago, but I didn't know specifically what they were. I learned more through FAQ's guides that were posted on 4chan. Then of course everything on 4chan went to hell (as if everything wasn't doomed already) and I moved here.

RE: How'd you find Tulpa.info? - Semi-Nomadic - 05-20-2012

I first heard of them at TVTropes' Daydream Believer page, but back then I assumed it to be just a silly delusional/New Age practice.

A few years later came the /mlp/ threads, and all of a sudden I became very interested. Initially I was drawn to the superficial "see a pony in REAL LIFE!" aspect, like a lot of other people I suppose, but later I became fixated on the core idea of a sapient nonhuman being actually inhabiting your mind and talking about how it's like.

RE: How'd you find Tulpa.info? - Lyranon - 05-20-2012

For me it all comes back to 4chan.
First i heard of tulpa (This is how i pluralize the word now dammit) was on /x/, i never got into the whole ordeal before the threads on /mlp/ though.

RE: How'd you find Tulpa.info? - tulpatalk - 05-20-2012

People were spamming HSG as a joke and I was one of the presumably very few who actually took interest. I went to the /mlp/ threads for a bit, then went to the irc for a bit after learning more. The natural move to the forums happened after.

As for why, I took interest in the spirit guide or self-discovery aspect. With the whole accessing the subconscious.

RE: How'd you find Tulpa.info? - Pleeb - 05-20-2012

For me, it was /x/, on 4chan. Eventually they wanted to get that cancer out, so they created an IRC room to get tulpa off 4chan. A bit after the IRC channel was made, though, we started posting tulpa on /a/, /jp/, iirc (wonder who made it over from there).

Eventually heard there was a lucid dream thread on /mlp/, so I went in there and was all, "This thread needs more tulpæ" so the FAQ was posted, I put in a link to the IRC channel, then when the lucid dream thread died, made a new topic on there about tulpæ -- much rage happened in the IRC, with fear of the incoming bronies, but I still think things turned out better than expected.
Once /mlp/ threads toned down (read as: "become unproductive"), we started making threads on /sci/, /pol/, etc.

We eventually reached a point where we had to break the community off 4chan and head out into the real world for a change -- it was (and still is) a rough transition.

I found this site when I founded this site.

RE: How'd you find Tulpa.info? - Avalanche - 05-20-2012

For me it was through a link in a thread I started up about Tulpae on Dreamviews.com.
JD1215 on dreamviews told me about here do I checked it out. All the guides and FAQs I had read previously had originated from the people of this site anyway.

RE: How'd you find Tulpa.info? - Wireless - 05-20-2012

I started following the threads on 4chan, /mlp/ to be exact. By the time those threads were dying the forum came into play, soon enough to leave the ship.

RE: How'd you find Tulpa.info? - JD1215 - 05-20-2012

I Googled "tulpa" after hearing what it meant on DreamViews (from Avalanche). Then I found someone's tumblr, and I found the IRC info on it, and then from the IRC to here.

RE: How'd you find Tulpa.info? - Jake - 05-20-2012

I was doing research into the brain for a phycological thing I was doing and I came across several webpages and then FAQman's first guide. Being fairly open minded I gave it ago and Vinyl was born. A few months later we found the tulpa thread on /mlp/ and clung on for dear life.