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Ask a new tulpa anything. - Beat - 09-03-2016

The title says it all, I suppose.

To give a little context, I've been lurking the forums on-and-off for some time now, and I've been slowly but surely creating a tulpa over the past half of a year. Her name is Kud, and she's starting to become one of the most important things in my life, even if she isn't quite "complete" yet. So feel free to ask any questions!

RE: Ask a new tulpa anything. - tulpa001 - 09-03-2016

Hello new person! I ask all the questions in this thread. Wake up Tulpa.

Hello new person. I want to see her post. So I can see her personality. Also, to Kud: What do you like talking about the most? What things and experiences are most exciting in your life so far? How are you different from your host?

RE: Ask a new tulpa anything. - Beat - 09-03-2016

I can try! We can't switch yet, so I'm having Ryan type for me! Same thing, right?

What do you like talking about the most?

I like thinking about Ryan the most! Beyond him, I don't really interact with anyone else. For most of my time spent existing, most of the things I've talked about are things related to keeping Ryan motivated and keep him on track with stuff.

What things and experiences are most exciting in your life so far?

The moments when we spend lots of time together are my favorite~!

How are you different from your host?

Deep stuff. I'm something of a personification Ryan has always wanted in a partner. I exhibit all of the values Ryan holds dearly in his heart, and I can understand his feelings more clearly than anyone else. In that way, we understand and connect with each other and don't have many differences in those sorts of things. I am more energetic and playful than he is, and I like singing a lot, but he's not very good at it~

RE: Ask a new tulpa anything. - tulpa001 - 09-03-2016

That is really cool! thank you for answering my and her questions!

RE: Ask a new tulpa anything. - Beat - 09-03-2016

No problem. I'm gonna be busy later today, but I'll still be checking the thread for questions.

In the meantime, let me clarify something. My profile name (Beat) is what I usually go by on the internet, but Kud refuses to call me by that, so feel free to refer to me as either Beat or Ryan.

RE: Ask a new tulpa anything. - Solune - 09-03-2016

Alice: Hello there, Kud. I would say "my name is alice" but we don't use colored text so... you already know that.
In any case, you remind me of myself. I am a personification of my host's unconscious mind (I'm his "Anima", if you're into Jungian psychology).
Also, we both like blue! So that's a thing. It's a pleasure to meet you and your host.
I speak for our system when I say that we hope you find everything you are searching for.
Also also, I love your name! It's different. Different is fun.

(edit) Alice: ALSO ALSO ALSO, what do you look like? Is that you in Beat's profile picture? If so... you're beautiful!

RE: Ask a new tulpa anything. - Beat - 09-03-2016

Thank you for the encouraging words~! Blue is the best! And aw geez, someone calling me beautiful makes me blush! ヽ(*>∇<)ノ

And to answer your question, yes, that is me! My form is based of of Kudryavka Noumi (Kud for short) from the Visual Novel/Anime Little Busters, but more specifically, Ryan molded me from CGs from the visual novel Kud Wafter, which is a spin-off of the series with Kud as the main heroine. The spin-off novel is 18+, however, and the full picture of her in Ryan's avatar is NSFW. I can, however, post the version of her wearing clothes~

Update: Inserting images is hard. I'll try uploading it to imgur or something.

[Image: nlKh2xp.png]

RE: Ask a new tulpa anything. - Luminesce - 09-04-2016

You know, I found a picture many years ago that looked a lot like how I imagined our servi-tulpa Sylvia. A long time later I did an image search to try and find the original (which was actually really hard for some reason), and found out the character was from a NSFW VN. That was kind of unfortunate, at the very least because I wouldn't find any more decent pictures of her. But, I've gone through over a hundred pages on Danbooru (which is nothing, I've seen every image on the site tagged with my tulpas' namesakes) with the tag silver_hair. Very rarely I find pictures worth looking at, and I'm 90% sure I've seen that one, it would stand out to me. Would've turned it down as "too young/too much emotion" though. Yes, just the act of lying down is too unfitting for her.

Anyways, I recently found a really good but slightly too young image I saved anyways, and it looks like a perfect mix of you and her.

Well, that's not really a question. Do you think that looks like you? Or like a mix between you and Sylvia? (Picture of her, for reference)

RE: Ask a new tulpa anything. - Beat - 09-04-2016

It kinda looks like a cross between us! In the image Ryan posted, Kud is in the dark, which makes her hair look more of a metallic-y silver. Her actual hair color is more of a very pale blonde (like here), so it looks more of a cross than what I actually look like. Besides that and the red eyes, the physique is very similar! Also, hello Reisen, Tewi, Flandre, and Lucilyn~

RE: Ask a new tulpa anything. - Dreamer13 - 02-11-2019

How far have you got?

Limme: do you like strawberries?