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What Should I Talk to My Tulpa About? - Ponytail - 10-27-2016

Despite having read a million creation guides at this point, I'm still stuck on one particular aspect of all this. I'm not really sure what to talk to my tulpa about. I should probably mention that I only recently began creating her. Anyways, I've talked to her about the history of my dad's cars (a far more interesting story than the premise would entail), about the freshman students at my highschool I tutor, and I've done the usual "You are [Insert Personality Trait Here]" sessions.
So uh, am I doing things correctly? What did you guys talk about to your tulpa in early stages? That good stuff. That's what I'm curious about.

RE: What Should I Talk to My Tulpa About? - Worst Username - 10-27-2016

That's kind of what I do, except I puppet what my tulpa would say in a normal conversation. For example, if you want to force the trait of understanding, you not only would say "wow, that was a bad day, I hate that freshman", but imagine what your tulpa would say that is understanding, like "I know, I hate it when they don't clean up after themselves"

Eventually, your tulpa will learn how to be understanding by listening to examples of what is like to be understanding.

Try it with other traits too.

RE: What Should I Talk to My Tulpa About? - Vampire - 10-27-2016


I recommend just talking about anything that comes to mind, or why you are doing what you are doing.
Just prepare for them to tell you to shut up when they can finally talk lol.

RE: What Should I Talk to My Tulpa About? - Stevie - 10-27-2016

Things that you talk to other people about? Things that you want to talk to other people about but can't?

World news. Infomercials. Peewee soccer. Coffee filters.

Nah really though if you can't think of anything to talk about for a long time I'd recommend getting a book you dig (helps if the narrative is first person or like, otherwise kinda stream of consciousness, I found) and just reading it to your tulpa. Emphasis on reading it to your tulpa, if you're not reading it in your head like someone else is listening then you're just reading it.

RE: What Should I Talk to My Tulpa About? - Luminesce - 10-27-2016

You can talk about your life. It can be therapeutic, especially knowing the person you're talking to actually fully understands you.

Some tulpas are more than happy to keep listening once they can talk.

RE: What Should I Talk to My Tulpa About? - Rævn - 10-28-2016

This is basically like asking what you should talk to anyone about.

Say you're on a date or just hanging out with a friend. What do you talk about?

...Well, idk, I'm socially awkward. Why do you think I ended up doing tulpamancy to begin with?

But the point is, they are no different than anyone else. It can be hard to maintain a conversation with anyone, and the same goes for a Tulpa.

The only issue with Tulpas, at least when they are still in early development stages, is that they may not really be capable of driving a conversation or having interests or topics to talk about, leaving most of the work to you.

RE: What Should I Talk to My Tulpa About? - Ivy_ - 10-28-2016

All I heard about was History and how things worked.
That got kinda old, but it could have been worse.

RE: What Should I Talk to My Tulpa About? - Two-tailed-tulpa - 10-29-2016

"Kyle literally just talked about anything he was thinking about, anything at all. Anything and everything."

RE: What Should I Talk to My Tulpa About? - NateAndTheTulpaTrio - 10-29-2016

If you have recently finished with the "You are <blank>" sessions, just start talking to them like they are someone you have never met before. Introduce yourself, talk about what you like to do, ask them if they have any interests/things that seem interesting to them (if they are vocal; if not, ask later), talk about your social/personal/work/educational life, etc.

At least, that's what I did and it helped pass the time.

RE: What Should I Talk to My Tulpa About? - tulpa001 - 10-29-2016

I don't know if this will help, but you are always thinking something. For most people, in english (or another human language). Find that mind voice, and watch it a bit. It can go on forever about whatever. It does so naturally.

Step two: one of the best ways to learn is to teach. So, get into the habit of learning stuff by reviewing the material, then explain it to an imaginary student. This is a famous and effective learning strategy.

Step three, combine step one and two. Take whatever it is that your mind voice is going on about, and transform it into teaching, then direct the teaching at your tulpa.