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CM's Tulpa Art Thread - ClianthaMiura - 11-23-2016

Being the wonderful host that I am, I decided to start the 30 Day OTP Challenge with tulpas, drawing these two doing the stuff on the list. Lovely. I probably won't do much if any NSFW stuff, though xD I don't really know if I'm allowed to, and I'm sure that Desmond wouldn't appreciate it. I already know L wouldn't give a damn.

So Day 1, which is holding hands.

Considering how much time I put into this (3-4 hours wtf) I'd say the quality is still crap. I mean it's okay, I guess, but I feel like I could do a lot better, and that the quality here isn't in any way better than what I could normally do in maybe 10-20 minutes.
I think the next thing I'll probably draw will be some more L-references, I need to draw him almost naked to get scar placement correctly for visualization aid.

EDIT: Figured I might as well put everything else I've scanned so far as well, just found them on my PC. The reference sheets and tiny comic that are also in the other thread, and some random stuff. One's a Skyrim "cross-over", then there's a Desmond-inspired marker thing and then there's anatomy practice Desmond aka nudes. The tail's really useful as a censor-bar hahah. The one with Misa might be slightly NSFW to some because it shows her breasts but anyways. Continues to another post ---->>>

[attachment=1612] [attachment=1613] [attachment=1614]

RE: CM's Tulpa Art Thread - ClianthaMiura - 11-23-2016

[attachment=1615] [attachment=1616] [attachment=1617] [attachment=1618]

Enjoy the sight I've never actually had the honor witnessing, a naked Desmond. He's a never-nude, he apparently only takes everything off to shower or bath. Nudity makes him uncomfortable.

(Please tell me if I should hide that, I don't know how much skin is considered too much skin :'DD nothing's showing, so..?)

RE: CM's Tulpa Art Thread - tulpa001 - 11-23-2016

Oh, I like the one with L running away a lot. :D

Sorry, must have distracted you from your art there today.

RE: CM's Tulpa Art Thread - ClianthaMiura - 11-23-2016

Nah, it's fine :D I don't mind distractions when I'm drawing.

Oh, I forgot this;

Though I don't like it as much as I did when I had just finished it, but I guess that's true for every piece. I still like the hair and how it almost looks like I know what I'm doing hahah. Maybe one day I'll learn how to make my tulpas look like they actually do. (The Finnish text is just commenting how I forgot to restart the recording *cough*)

RE: CM's Tulpa Art Thread - ClianthaMiura - 11-24-2016

While scanning this I realized that I had previously had the wrong setting on in the scanner, and just randomly switched it when I scanned the hand holding pic. I didn't remember doing that and had quite a lot of trouble trying to make this one come out as well before realizing :'D I should probably re-scan all the others at some point to make all the lines visible.

Anyways, Day 2

Also thought I should put these here too


Doodles by Desmond :D They're all other tulpas except for the cat and the dog. And the smiley face obviously. I originally scanned that piece of paper and the other half of the spread it's on, but the other side had some text on it that I decided to leave out so I just cut the two tiny drawings from it.

RE: CM's Tulpa Art Thread - ClianthaMiura - 11-30-2016

I've forgotten to draw stuff ^^" Oh well, I doodled some Misas.
I have the Day 3 done for that challenge but I don't want to post it yet because I don't like it much and I want to draw more of them to post at the same time so that they'll take the attention away from the mistakes or something like that :'D

But here's Misa anyway, three with her summer and indoors-look and one with spring/autumn and the darkest one is what she looks like when it's winter and she's out in the snow. She has this bark growing in her hands and feet that sort of "spreads" on her body and she claims it keeps her warm, so :D

RE: CM's Tulpa Art Thread - ClianthaMiura - 12-02-2016

Imma just leave this here.... Don't like it at all but I spent way too much time on it to just not put it anywhere. And I'm kind of really pissed off about that Smile


EDIT: Bleh


EDIT EDIT: Even more bleh


RE: CM's Tulpa Art Thread - Ivy_ - 12-08-2016

Your art is really great CM even if you seem frustrated with it at times.
I hope you keep up the great stuff! I want to see more of the OTP Challenge!

RE: CM's Tulpa Art Thread - TheSanctuary - 12-08-2016

its funny, but that image with the mouth blanked out, I feel like from the rest of the face I can see it anyway somehow, looking slightly down-turned as though listening intently to someone and not wanting to interrupt or something? either way its awesome. also i should say the number of times my drawings conveniently have hands out of shot somehow is pretty damn common XD

RE: CM's Tulpa Art Thread - ClianthaMiura - 02-05-2017

Phone quality pics of really fast doodles that I did while playing the sims 3. Desmond in a random kimono-thing and longer hair, another Desmond thing and a very out of character L.
Next thing I should do would be continuing the 30 day challenge but it's hard to find motivation for it because meh, I don't know ._.