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My first real response from my Tulpa!! - roughentumble - 09-12-2017

New user, so if this is the wrong area to post in or something, let me know and I'll try to fix it!  Smile

So I was reading some Tulpa guides when I came around the concept of greeting your Tulpa, and decided to try greeting Ian. I went through the usual spiel and when I got to the part about how we're gonna' be partners, I got this wave of lightheaded Vertigo starting from the nape of my neck. So I honed in on that word, and I asked if he had liked that I called us "partners" and I felt another wave starting from the same place! And like, objectively I know it could be nothing, or that it could just be that I'm hungry and lightheaded or whatever, but! It's just! Really exciting! And it has me all energized and now I want to stay up all night forcing and narrating and just talking to him and like! I don't know, it's just really invigorating and motivating and exciting and I'm really happy and wanted to share how excited I am. I'm so happy I'm basically climbing the walls with it.

RE: My first real response from my Tulpa!! - Dark Illustrator - 09-13-2017

Hey, that sounds very nice ! Smile As I greeted Kowalski, I felt headpressures. Never had them before then I was dreaming. And I felt that he was there. Like a nice pressure by my heart. He can talk with me when I'm concentrating on him. I wish both of you a great time and welcome to the forum !

RE: My first real response from my Tulpa!! - Summer - 09-13-2017

It sounds like it was your partner's reaction. Just keep focusing on him and the responses will be more fluent and clearer. Good luck Smile