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weird things happen when i force - Cyclius - 09-13-2017

I will try to make this as quick as possible.

It's been a week and a half already since I joined this community (I guess) and I started Forcing early on since my discovery on this site.

I normally force around midnight, I force until I fall sleep. Never felt head pressures while forcing or anything like that, the only thing I commonly feel is pressure in my eyes and a little bit of dizziness

Im not even sure im forcing the rigth way (I often try to visualize my tulpa and I talk to it about anything that comes to my mind)

The first time was relatively calm, And in the second I implemented a blindfold to keep me focused

However, the 3rd time I got between scared and excited. I heard another breathing, it was calm and slow, It seem to be directly above me, but there wasn't nothing there. At first I thought that it was maybe early signs of progress, but then I remembered the "often people get results after 1 month" By this moment I already lost all my focus and the breathing had gone away

Now every night while forcing the same thing happens again. 4 days ago I heard someone shaking a water bottle inside my room (curious enough, I always sleep with a large water bottle by my bed) But again, nothing to be seen. When I focused on the sound it went away.
Last night was the most active night: I laid down in bed and started to force as usual. After some time I heard the calm breathing again, I got scared nuts when I realized that was the same breathing that I heard the first time, it went away. I waited some time and started again (I was completly decided to see if this was early success of my tulpa) It wasn't long until I heard the sound my chair makes when some heavy weight is put into it (something like a slight crackle) And then I got scared again, I threw my blidnfoold at the chair and kept looking at it, nothing to be seen

¿Is this kind of things common?  ¿Should I be careful when Forcing?   ¿Am I even forcing the right way

RE: weird things happen when i force - Luminesce - 09-13-2017

There's no minimum time requirement for tulpas to develop in, exceptions are common.

Those things aren't necessarily common.
There's.. nothing to be careful about, really. It's just you and your brain.
Aside from the hallucinations or whatever, yeah it sounds about right. Thinking about your tulpa in any capacity can be forcing. Talking to them and expecting responses, or imagining what they'd be like, or anything that puts your focus on them.

My best guess at the stuff you're hearing is your imagination or some such is getting bored from being awake, yet probably close to sleep, while also being blindfolded (lacking external stimuli) and probably in a quiet area. Really varies by person on whether being close to sleep/in a totally sense-less environment is super helpful or not - some people can only focus with music, some without, plenty of people prefer active sorts of forcing over lying down in the dark.

My advice would be to maybe force when you're not tired, or at least not lying down at night. It can be tempting to do so when your day is over, but forcing during the day is sometimes better since you're not tired or tempted to fall asleep. Even if you felt awake, your body could be falling asleep, which can come with hallucinations due to your mind getting into sleep mode. The sorts of stuff you'd experience when almost/just-having fallen asleep, you know. Keeping your mind awake while in that scenario is actually a lucid dreaming technique, but people often report auditory and sometimes visual hallucinations before actually getting to the dreams, often which either excite or scare them out of said state in the first place. Also, for lucid dreaming, you wouldn't do it when first going to sleep because you wouldn't be far enough into your REM cycles yet, you would mostly experience hypnagogic imagery and sounds.

That's all I can think of on the subject though. I'd say, try forcing in a less sleep-conducive environment (not literally, as in with more light/being less tired/not lying down in bed etc.). Also, don't worry about average experiences of other tulpamancers, plenty of tulpas develop faster and a lot end up taking longer. Your expectations play a huge part in the whole process, too.

RE: weird things happen when i force - Cyclius - 09-14-2017

Hey Luminesce, Thanks a bunch!!!

I forced yesterday at daytime and nothing more than the regular dizziness

Even tho, I decided to force at night too (because nightime is the only quiet time in my city) but without the blindfold, Im happy to say that nothing happened either