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The wrong side of the bed test - tulpa001 - 10-19-2017

I tried this test last winter with no results, and it occurred to me I should ask others to try it to see what happens.

(1) Fall asleep more or less.

(2) Tulpa, notice that you are awake sorta, but your host is too out of it to notice or remember anything.

(3) Take your pillow and move it to the foot of the bed, and go back to sleep.

(4) When your host wakes up, note if they are surprised or not, that they are sleeping facing the wrong way.

RE: The wrong side of the bed test - Luminesce - 10-19-2017

Unfortunately our brain is way too finicky about falling asleep to ever do anything like this. We're either awake or asleep with not much in between. Also we don't do possession...

Your test kind of assumes the tulpa can act without the host being aware of/remembering it, which would automatically imply there's nothing special about the host being confused later. Are you just testing the sleeping variable part of it? Because I'll also say, quite a few people would still be confused when they woke up even if they did that themselves. The tulpa part seems irrelevant for most people. Also for us we tend to wake up with whoever was fronting still fronting, rather than it defaulting to me or something.

If I had to guess (I'm pretty good at guessing), I'd say if we did this we'd be equally confused the moment we woke up no matter who it was, but would also remember very quickly the circumstances. Unfortunately we're unable to fall asleep separately, so this wouldn't work anyways.

RE: The wrong side of the bed test - tulpa001 - 10-19-2017

Err, questions.

Nah, it's actually a memory test. Because you won't be surprised if you remember fliping over in the middle of the night. However, it's also a test of differing lucidity levels. Just managing to flip over without your host being lucid, whether they later remember it or not. The person who is fronting on wake up is not that important. I try this test and am always fronting. Though, my host is front stuck. If they weren't, I might be able to pass just in the day.

I mean, I could do it, but I have to wait until my host is asleep.