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The Tect, the Thekla and the Ugly - Tect - 01-01-2018

I've moved on from this community. There was some excitement and a little drama, but also fun like I've never had before. Throughout my internet life I've looked into the weirdest stuff and this one was just the latest iteration. It always starts as curiosity to me and maybe a sort of wonderment, but at the end is just an exploration or an ephemeral life experience. I've found that people here are pretty tolerant to the beliefs and personal experiences of others. It's easy to find intimacy here. Maybe this is a good type of community for those searching a friend but are hardly likeable. Like a practice run for social skills, I guess. I made people like Vixen or Tani[derp] close friends, but now they left, probably to not return again. Time now to concentrate on more concrete things in life and this time a community with sane people. Thank you for all the fish.~

RE: The Tect, the Thekla and the Ugly - Day Dreamer - 01-13-2018

Aura: [Don't give up! You two can do it!]