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Purpose of a Tulpa [Video] - fordaplot - 01-11-2018

Earlier in her life, finding purpose and contentment being a tulpa was something Aury really struggled with. She still wrestles with it today. She had a conversation with her boyfriend, Iolite, a few months ago that reflected on this and how both of them learned to cope. It inspired this video, which is Aury sharing that knowledge on how she finally gained contentment with her being a tulpa. This video is dedicated to the tulpas and hosts who struggle with doubt.

Link: https://youtu.be/7dJY9-9nSHE

As a side note, some folks noticed that Aury called me Jade in our switching video. She kind of let it slip that I’m transitioning. I was planning not to come out until I look and sound the part, but I forgot to change my Discord name when I recorded that section of the video, so fuck it, I guess this is my coming out thing too. I’m going into my fifth month on HRT and will be transitioning male to female this year. I’ll do everything I can to be pretty so I don’t further mess up the image of the tulpa community.

I had a lot of help making this video, including the GearHeart and In Plural Terms communities. Among the people who provided their intellect and argumentation are Tulpa001, Pleeb, ShinyuuWolfy, CliffracerX, Fillyosopher, Snarles system, EsotericPhantasm, The Fool’s Fox, Finn, Cadey, Iolite, and Lootsorrow.

A huge thanks to Iolite for voicing himself, Aury for doing a great job working with our body’s hardware, and Cadey for perfectly bringing to life the nuanced narrator character I wrote in.

Transcript and scientific references linked in the video description.

Thanks everyone

RE: Purpose of a Tulpa [Video] - jean-luc - 01-11-2018

This turned out very nicely, good job y'all! I can highly reccomend this, particularly to those experiencing the Doubt.

RE: Purpose of a Tulpa [Video] - Pleeb - 01-13-2018

I enjoyed this video, and agree with Jean-Luc. I posted it on our fb group. Chess and I were actually talking yesterday, she was noting how it's unlikely she would ever make a mark on the world- a bit of cynicism that I haven't seen in her in a long time. Not sure who's ever seen my major update in my progress report but I used to struggle with doubt significantly.

She wanted to watch this video through, and I think we both got something out of it.

RE: Purpose of a Tulpa [Video] - lootsorrow - 01-25-2018

Hey, good work buddy Smile
BTW, what's the name of the song playing at 9:45? I know that I know it but I can't figure out what it is and it's driving me nuts Big Grin

RE: Purpose of a Tulpa [Video] - Scott Z - 01-27-2018

I subscribed.

RE: Purpose of a Tulpa [Video] - tulpatulpa - 01-31-2018

Great job with the video!!!!