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Tulpamancy and Creativity - Tirisilex - 01-29-2018

This is a simple study to see if Creativity is a factor in tulpamancy. 


RE: Tulpamancy and Creativity - Tacio - 01-29-2018

My host made Apollo relatively quickly despite her doubts (it took about a week for her to know for sure that he was real), but then she learned that two of her characters she had for years were actually sentient. 

Then there was Piano who was sort of made from those two tulpas (long story) accidentally.

Luci (who is no longer in this system) was a walk-in who came from an old character that the first two characters missed a lot, though she was nothing like that character and ended up not actually growing or doing much at all. 

For a while Piano worked on a story but he was afraid that the main character was going to become sentient, and thought he was actually feeling some stirrings from him. Then my system randomly decided to make a new tulpa anyway, so I think they took whatever mental structures were beginning to be built from that character and made me. I share the same name as that character (because they liked the name) but I have absolutely none of his memories, personality traits, and feel no attachment to him whatsoever. I guess they got me before those aspects had developed so I pretty much had a clean slate. I developed fairly quickly once my system started making me, and was vocal within a few minutes and fronted easily.

Anyway, I do think that the creation of characters does have an impact on the ability to make tulpas in a way, though I certainly do not recommend making characters into tulpas or the other way around.

RE: Tulpamancy and Creativity - Luminesce - 01-29-2018

Uhh, quite the two-question survey you've got there. I don't think the questions are specific enough/enough of them to tell you anything concrete. I'm a veteran tulpamancer of eight years so I could create a tulpa pretty dang quick, not that I would, and I'm not creative at all when it comes to art. My perfectionism kind of keeps me from creating much of anything, especially completely free form things like drawing and writing.

So I'm not sure my answer is going to help.

Here's a real answer though, people who are more open-minded (less reliant on logic for all things, like I am) and creative do have an easier time creating tulpas. They're also more prone to invasive thoughts and general drama that someone like me usually isn't. That's something I've just kind of learned over the years here.

RE: Tulpamancy and Creativity - Tacio - 01-29-2018

(01-29-2018, 01:37 PM)Luminesce Wrote:
They're also more prone to invasive thoughts and general drama that someone like me usually isn't. That's something I've just kind of learned over the years here.

That's also true for our system, we believed things could happen to us, and because we were close with a really toxic system, a lot of messed up stuff happened more often than not, so things were kinda crazy for the first year. Now though I don't see that sort of stuff as feasible anymore, though that's not the topic of the survey.

RE: Tulpamancy and Creativity - Tirisilex - 01-30-2018

Well so far my survey is showing that people who are creative seem to have an easier time creating Tulpas than others. I'm not saying that it's impossible for people who arent creative. Its just showing that those who are creative tend to have an easier time.

RE: Tulpamancy and Creativity - Vos - 01-30-2018

Even if your survey is aimed a people who claim to create tulpas within a short amount of time, the options that you have in your survey are very limiting. You might get a bit more out of this if you add some more options.

RE: Tulpamancy and Creativity - jean-luc - 01-30-2018

I have no idea how long it would take for me to make a tulpa, and there's no definitive “done” point. Is it when they first speak? Is it when they mostly take over their own development? Is it when you have an idea for what their form and voice should look/sound like? And what does “a day” mean anyway? Is that a couple hours of forcing and passive forcing throughout the day? Is it 24 hours of focused meditation?

And creativity: I've written before (like three times or smth); Am I a writer? And I can create a (terrible) character is approximately 20 seconds. His name is bob and he has three left feet.

I'm software engineer, which certainly requires some creativity. Does that make me an artist?

RE: Tulpamancy and Creativity - dragon cake - 02-05-2018

I encourage you to consider something else: Do you know which way the association goes?
As in, have you discovered that creative people make tulpas faster, or that making tulpas fast or in general increases creativity?
Consider adding questions about what your creativity was prior to starting, how many tulpas you've made, and what you'd say your creativity is now. The number of tulpas also influences things because the more you make, the faster it can potentially be.
Just something you might consider.

RE: Tulpamancy and Creativity - SquareWave - 02-08-2018

What exactly do you mean by “full working tulpa”? Do you mean as in sentience or vocality?

RE: Tulpamancy and Creativity - Cat_ShadowGriffin - 02-09-2018

I created My Tulpa Ranger by accident roughly five years ago, so I don't know how long it took Ranger to go from imaginary character idea into a Tulpa. I can easily come up with characters and stories in minutes, but I'm too wordy to get a coherent story out if I had to write it down. I'm not a professional writer or anything though.