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I need moral support - Chris-One - 02-11-2018

I afraid to tell other people that I have a tulpa because I'm afraid people will think I have the mind of a child or mentally handicapped. What should I do?

RE: I need moral support - EDPVincent - 02-11-2018

[Tyler]: Have you tried testing the waters first? For example, you could try starting a conversation on the nature of conciousness or ask them about their spiritual beliefs to see if they would have an open mind about it or not. If after that you're not sure if telling them is a good idea, nobody's forcing you to.

RE: I need moral support - Lucilyn - 02-11-2018

Peoples' posts: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-general-i-have-a-tulpa-whom-to-tell
Guide: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-misc-tulpamancy-description-for-singlets-telling-your-friends-you-have-a-tulpa

RE: I need moral support - Mel Syreth - 02-13-2018

Well you are under no obligation, but if you desire coming out with it, I'd second loosening up your partners with a few tangents beforehand. And if they still aren't convinced, then who cares, really?

RE: I need moral support - Lucilyn - 02-13-2018

classic method is to bring up the idea of tulpas like you're interested in the subject ("Hey I heard about this, it sounds pretty interesting" etc.) and judge how they react to that. Obviously most people aren't gonna be immediately on board but you should be able to tell if they really aren't on board...