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Going public - vtk - 06-13-2018

I want my family to know about my tulpa, because he feels like a son and that makes him part of the family. So I posted this on Facebook for all my family and friends to see...

Quote:Possibly exciting news... we kinda sorta have a kid, but in a very unconventional way. I'm tired of family and friends not knowing, so I'm making this post, but I'm too scared to give the details on blast, so I'm being vague. Please PM me for details.

So far only one person has sent me a PM, a casual acquaintance. My relatives don't get on much so I don't know when or if they'll see the post.

RE: Going public - Srn347 - 06-13-2018

Good for you, I hope it all goes well. Although one can only imagine how people will interpret "having a kid in a very unconventional way" prior to knowing the details.

RE: Going public - Breloomancer - 06-13-2018

Good luck with your family

RE: Going public - jean-luc - 06-13-2018

Yeah if someone said "sortof a child but in a very unconventional way" I'd probably think it was some obscure case like an adopted god-child or incest. I certainly wouldn't be expecting mind demons tulpæ.

What did the one acquaintance think?

RE: Going public - vtk - 06-13-2018

He got it pretty quick and didn't have comments or follow-up questions