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Tulpa Art Market - Ponytail - 10-05-2018

So we already posted this in tulpa.info's discord, however I feel it's appropriate to post this here.

A lot of people in this community want art. After all, having a visual thing to point at and say this is me/ my tulpa is a really cool thing. Naturally, this means artists in this community are sought after, because some of us can't draw a convincing curve to save our lives. However, connecting to artists is sometimes a bit of a daunting task. Sometimes artists are pricier than you can afford, there aren't that many of them in any given server usually, sometimes you find someone affordable but they have a style you don't like. More unfortunately, people exit this community and their art goes with them.

So, I made a discord community. Discord allows me to fix alot of these problems, as I can create a hub of sorts where artists can advertise themselves and you can peruse their works, see their prices, know what they can and cannot draw, etc. It also allows users to put out "bounties" for art they need. This allows an easier way for people to connect to artists. So, here's the invite link if you're curious about joining. Thank you.

Tulpa Art Market

RE: Tulpa Art Market - Cat_ShadowGriffin - 10-06-2018

Thank you for posting this! As someone who can't draw a perfect circle for the life of me, I appreciate the resource of finding other Tulpa artists, even if it's to get guides or videos on how to be a better artist. Plus, we frequently enjoy looking at other people's art.