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Guide Drafts, Revision, and Peer Review - Cat_ShadowGriffin - 10-08-2018

Overall, I'm confused how the submissions process works to the larger extent and I think my understanding of it is flawed.

My understanding of the process is the following: First, a user writes a guide. Once the author is happy with their draft, they put it under submissions. Next, the GAT and other people look at the draft and leave comments or their approval/disapproval. If the guide is approved, then a new guide was created. If not, then the author still has a chance to fix the mistakes pointed out by the GAT or else the guide will sit around in submissions and be forgotten.

When thinking about this process in practice, I have questions and probably some misunderstanding. 
  • When the author is "happy with their draft", how good of a final draft should it be? Does it need to be peer reviewed first? If so, what is the best way to do that on the forums? How rough of a draft can a "final draft" be?
  • Suppose a guide is dissaproved and the author takes the feedback and fixes the guide. Do all of the GAT members have to re-vote? Is there a limit to how many times the GAT can review a guide?
As of right now, I have a working rough draft of a guide I'm thinking about submitting, but I want to make sure it is peer reviewed because I am still a really new member having only been around for 8-ish months or so. If anything, I want to make sure I'm getting the right ideas down before making a well revised final draft. However, because it's a working rough draft, I don't want the GAT to vote on it yet. While I would appreciate GAT members reviewing my work early on, I don't want them to feel like they read my essay too many times before finally seeing it under submissions.