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[Game] Get Creative! - Indigo - 02-16-2019

Instructions: The last poster before you will say something like "Draw a cat," and you will then do so and post a picture in the thread, then you give your own prompt for the next poster. Your own drawing can be as high/low effort as you want, and you're free to take it in any direction you want so long as it follows the prompt. 

Rules: Don't demand too much detail/quality, be generic and let the next poster interpret as they want. Don't be specific about what kind of medium they can use (eg don't say "make an oil painting"). Users are free to make the pieces digitally, traditionally, or they can even choose not to draw, and do something like arrange cut-out shapes instead, or even use clay if they want. It doesn't matter! It's all about getting creative!

I'll start: Draw a dragon

RE: [Game] Get Creative! - Ranger - 02-16-2019


May I have a doodle of a cake please?

RE: [Game] Get Creative! - jean-luc - 02-16-2019

Draw Jean-luc Picard!

RE: [Game] Get Creative! - Someone - 02-16-2019

Drew over one of your pfps.

Draw a frog (not a cat named Frog, however).

RE: [Game] Get Creative! - Flandre - 02-16-2019

Something Lumi drew just over a year ago now in a game called Painter's Playground. He didn't draw much more.

Draw a cave with (optionally glittering) stalactites.
Actually, I just realized - in a game that takes this long to reply to, people are absolutely going to be ninja'd. I would say don't worry and still post your response, but maybe you give up your right to tell the next person what to draw to the person who beat you.

RE: [Game] Get Creative! - Cat_ShadowGriffin - 02-16-2019

First time I created and posted art using my phone. I did most of this work with a red screen filter on.

Draw a Turtle and in the picture there must be some kind of flag.

RE: [Game] Get Creative! - JGC - 03-02-2019

Made in paint. Nothing like Mario Kart. 

Draw a map of your wonderland! Bonus points for "Here Be Dragons." 

RE: [Game] Get Creative! - Bear - 03-02-2019

(03-02-2019, 03:59 PM)J+C Wrote: Made in paint. Nothing like Mario Kart. 

Draw a map of your wonderland! Bonus points for "Here Be Dragons." 

I will be doing this for my visualization training, but pftshct not anytime soon.

RE: [Game] Get Creative! - Lucy - 03-02-2019

Aha, easy when wonderland is still small.

Draw a friendly spider Smile

RE: [Game] Get Creative! - Ranger - 03-03-2019


Something from the sea wearing an orange shirt please!