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Not Tulpa.info into Google - Cat_ShadowGriffin - 04-02-2019

When I'm tired and I (or Ranger) want to be on Tulpa.info, I'm generally too lazy to type "community.tulpa.info" into the url bar and I search "Tulpa.info" on google for a direct link to the forums instead.

Well, on really good days, I add or leave off letters to "Tulpa.info". Google is apparently really creative, so even one letter off I usually end up with something completely unrelated to "Tulpa.info".

Here's an example. I'll post any new ones I accidentally mash into my phone keypad. This one is "ulpa.info":


RE: Not Tulpa.info into Google - Breloomancer - 04-02-2019


We finally found out what a culpa was!

RE: Not Tulpa.info into Google - YukariTelepath - 04-02-2019

I just type "c" and the url auto-finishes for me. Websites I visit regularly, just takes one or two letters for the url to come up.

RE: Not Tulpa.info into Google - Indigo - 04-02-2019


Mildly disappointing

RE: Not Tulpa.info into Google - Cat_ShadowGriffin - 04-02-2019

I remember mistyping an "8" instead of another letter, but I can't remember if it's Tulpa.8nfo or Tulpa.i8fo...

So anyway here's both just for the heck of it:

Tulpa.8nfo ---> Actually, in retrospect, Google just searches "Tulpa.info" 0_0

Maybe I ruined something for you guys?

Tulpa.i8fo --> This isn't too entertaining, but I like that the first search result is an archive of...something dumped into pastebin?

Oh hey! The third link mentions Tulpa.de! EDIT: Tulpa.de isn't the same thing as Tulpaforce.de...

RE: Not Tulpa.info into Google - Indigo - 04-02-2019


RE: Not Tulpa.info into Google - Lucilyn - 04-02-2019

View Today's Posts never leaves the very far left of our browser's tabs, ever, hasn't for 4.9 years
we currently have 32 tabs open, sort of a lot.. 47 if you count all these tulpa.info threads I opened that were new today to read through

also we don't use .info in incognito/private/whatever so if we had to we could just type com and hit enter for community.tulpa.info (shift+delete to remove whatever else chrome is auto-suggesting to you if it's not just community.tulpa.info, ours actually wants to go straight to my profile lol)

RE: Not Tulpa.info into Google - Cat_ShadowGriffin - 04-04-2019

Behold, tilpa.info. --> Apparently Tilpa is a random town in Australia.

RE: Not Tulpa.info into Google - Bear - 04-04-2019

Not sure if I'm doin' it right, but i typed nottulpa.info into google where I expected to find a forum maybe with a NotTewi who would be active for more than one day per month and a NotLucilyn who never argues, a notSomeone who never posts in games, because all the game threads are redundant and NotTheLastOneToPostWins thread is the least popular. Well, instead i found this 5 year old article, which was way less interesting.

RE: Not Tulpa.info into Google - Lucilyn - 04-04-2019

"Looks like /mlp/ is to blame for the resurgence of Tulpae. A vast majority of people I see who create Tulpas are-"

they really didn't know which plural to use, huh?

(04-04-2019, 01:53 PM)Angry Bear Wrote: a NotLucilyn who never argues

Hey! That makes me "a Lucilyn who argues"... that's so far beyond not the first thing I want to come to mind when people think of me! Is that really my defining trait here..?