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Switching Tips and Advice - Piano - 07-26-2019

Daily thread #24

What are some general tips you'd give someone if they were new to learning to switch?

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RE: Switching Tips and Advice - Lucilyn - 07-26-2019

Well I guess I gotta link our two reference posts on switching

Just re-read some of that for the first time in over a year and wow, some of it's better advice than I think we could give even now, 'cus we're so used to switching we're forgetting what it was like to not be used to it

best "switching tip and advice" I can give is to find more than just one person's instruction on how to switch, and try the one that makes the most sense to you first, 'cus that's probably the one that'll work

RE: Switching Tips and Advice - Ember.Vesper - 07-26-2019

Switching doesn't require meditation, hypnosis, a process of dissociation, knowledge of possession, noticeable amounts of time, nihilistic statements by the outgoing partner, identification with or as the body by the incoming partner, anything that could reasonably be called parallel processing, or any of the other stuff that people often try or recommend.

You need a firm knowledge and conviction of who you are, distinct from other members of your system, a certainty that you can switch, and then a certainty that you did. Visualization techniques can help establish that certainty.

When it works, an inexperienced incoming partner may be scared, lonely, and not feel like themselves. If you can possibly arrange for a supportive out-system friend to be present the first time, do so. Headmates may not be much help if the incoming partner has never had to force before.


RE: Switching Tips and Advice - Lucilyn - 07-26-2019

hmm, I agree with the first two paragraphs yes, but having someone IRL there - I can't imagine 99.75% of tulpamancers learning to switch have someone that knows about their tulpas and that they trust with something like that - I don't think switching for the first time is so scary, no reason ya couldn't still talk to your host or other systemmates.. also a lot of first switches (well, nearly all) end with the host switching back pretty soon after, so

otherwise I agree and still feel like your system is pretty much the only one that thinks exactly the same as us about switching

RE: Switching Tips and Advice - Aya - 07-26-2019

Can I ask for tips and advice? How do I feel more like myself while switched in? I realized, I don't have any physical habits of my own, so I feel too much like my host Yuka when I do stuff.

Yuka: And how do I detach more? I don't think I'm dissociating from the body enough, even though I'm not thinking while Aya's trying to front. (Also, is it just me, or is the account switcher gone?)

RE: Switching Tips and Advice - Bear - 07-26-2019

Account switcher is still there? Which screen?

You'll get there Yuka and Aya. We're seeing consistent progress with you.

For me, switch happens, then I realize I'm fully detached.

[Dashie] It's funny, I always feel like myself, but with co-fronting, I move in and out of front smoothly, and even when switched in I don't feel any different. Except when I was switched in for a week, but I still felt like myself, only I was influenced by Body OS. Maybe that's what you're feeling?

[Gwen] Hi. I definitely feel influence from Body OS now that I'm closer to front recently. It's different because the emotions are more vibrant and I have stronger desires.