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[Game] Break-a-wish - Anonymous - 08-05-2013

Oh boy. Let's do this.

In this game, you must grant the wish above you, along with a severe catch that hilariously ruins the other person's life.

For example:
Poster 1: I wanna have a shitton of money, yo.
Poster 2: Wish granted. However, the money over a period of time causes you to lose the will to live, turning you insane and causes you to kill most of your family. Suicide bonus!


Poster 1: I wish I could dance like a pro!
Poster 2: Wish granted, but you catch dancing mania, and as result you collapse from exhaustion... also permanently breaking your nose in the process of falling face first.

Final note: you gotta include a wish YOU want to be fulfilled at the end of your post. Tulpae can join in if they want :3

I wish life was a musical.

RE: [Game] Break-a-wish - Paxafarus - 08-05-2013


RE: [Game] Break-a-wish - UnknownCraos - 08-05-2013

Everyone destroys their weapons and gets along, then apes invade and we have no way of defending ourselves.

I wish for an unlimited supply of noodles.

RE: [Game] Break-a-wish - Flexionsensor - 08-05-2013

You get the noodles, but your stomach overflows and you die... While apes take over the world.

I wish I was omnipotent.

RE: [Game] Break-a-wish - Kaz with a K - 08-05-2013


You become omnipotent, but all the knowledge causes you to doubt reality and kill yourself.

I wish I had all the time in the world!

RE: [Game] Break-a-wish - PsychoticDoc - 08-05-2013

You have all the time in the world, as a result, everybody dies simultaneously of old age

I wish i had infinite Gatoraide

RE: [Game] Break-a-wish - Sands - 08-05-2013

I assume we're talking about Gatorade here. You do have infinite Gatorade, except it comes out of your tits. Hope you enjoy milking your tits forever, it's infinite after all. Better keep doing it or you might burst!

I wish I had the ability to fart on command.

RE: [Game] Break-a-wish - Kaz with a K - 08-05-2013

Congratulations, you've gained the ability. As an added bonus, every time you fart on command, you vomit as well! Enjoy!

I wish that my wish was unbreakable that I was perfect at everything

RE: [Game] Break-a-wish - Chen - 08-05-2013

Fine, but you become so perfect at anything that nothing has meaning anymore, thus causing you to kill yourself.

I wish I had a hat.

RE: [Game] Break-a-wish - UnknownCraos - 08-05-2013

You get a hat, a sexy one that you love. But its too big, covers your eyes and one day you step in front of a bus.

I wish I had more black shirts that went with my stripy tie.