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Mass Leaving Thread - Nobillis - 04-24-2014

This is a continuation of the original thread from Off Topic.

If you are leaving the Tulpa.info community please leave us a message here so that you will be remembered and so that we have the chance to say farewell.

(04-26-2014, 05:42 PM)hbenton Wrote: Bye Nobillis! You will be missed! ;_;

*Hehe*. I'm not actually leaving yet.

RE: Mass Leaving Thread - hbenton - 04-26-2014

Bye Nobillis! You will be missed! ;_;

RE: Mass Leaving Thread - Brassow - 08-24-2014

I am going to be leaving for an unknown amount of time. Jason and I will be around from time to time, mainly lurking {Hehehe in the shadows} but I plan on continuing to tulpaforce. I love this community and they have been very helpful and supportive.
Best of wishes,
Brassow (The Coolest Tulpamancer)

But now I'm back!

RE: Mass Leaving Thread - Anonymous - 09-21-2014

Goodbye all.

From Within.

[split] Effects of Vyvanse on Tulpae - Quilten - 02-02-2015

Ah, I'm glad someone could relate.

Since this is a dead thread anyway, I'm going to say it here so nobody gets confused. I'm leaving Tulpa.info. I've already left, really. Not because of something bad, I've just thought deeply and skeptically about everything on the forums and what I've read. I don't beleive it anymore. I can't. The only evidence I could present is my own experience and even then half of the time I was kidding myself and the other half I was probably lying. I was aware of it, too. I sincerely regret doing this, and though I don't Believe it negatively affected either of my tulpas (I no longer beleive or have reason to beleive they were ever sentient or had consciousness), but this impacted my life. It was good at some points, but it was mainly filled with guilt and regret. So I gave it up. I honestly still think it's a matter of maturity, but honestly don't create a tulpa unless you are literally 100% you want to invest in something like this. I'm sorry to everyone I've given advice to (unless it helped), and to Derp: I was never schizophrenic, that was something I convinced myself of and I now realize how fucked up self-diagnosis is. I hope that all of you can keep happy, because that's all I really wanted to ever do in this community anyway. It's been a good run, and I'll probably check back in when I'm feeling wierd or someone PMs me, I'm not disappearing, just saying goodbye.

Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, but I don't know where else I could put a confession/goodbye. I have some last advice for young people: don't drink the orange juice before you've REALLY thought about it. That was a joke, but also something I sincerely mean.

Thanks for the good times and memories,
Sorry if I ruined the thread (move or delete this post, I don't care).

Carpe diem, .info, you glorious bastards.


(Split from this thread. ~Kiahdaj)

RE: Mass Leaving Thread - sushi - 02-02-2015

Sorry to see you go, Phaneron. I've always appreciated your input.

RE: Mass Leaving Thread - Quilten - 02-02-2015

Thanks, sushi, and likewise.

RE: Mass Leaving Thread - amber5885 - 02-02-2015

I will miss you Sad

RE: Mass Leaving Thread - Quilten - 02-02-2015

Likewise amber, I enjoyed your feedback when it came.

RE: Mass Leaving Thread - Brassow - 02-03-2015

*Salutes* Goodbye, Phaneron. It's been fun.