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[Game] The salty spitoon - omegaAnubis - 06-18-2014

Okay, i figured this could be fun to play, i got the idea from Gmod jailbreak and a similarly titled thread in the lounge by Glitchthe3rd

Basically what you do is respond to the question "welcome to the salty spitoon, how tough are ya?" With some completely made up and over the top bullshit.

So for example:

"Im so tough, I once burped so hard that the shockwave caused Mt. Fuji to erupt"

Then poster under me would tell me if thats lame or not, as they will demonstrate, and then post how tough they are

We begin with my example.

RE: [Game] The salty spitoon - Kiahdaj - 06-18-2014

'You gotta new bottle of ketchup?

RE: [Game] The salty spitoon - omegaAnubis - 06-18-2014

Here in canada, the ketchup has lids, not bottle caps.
You are not tough enough

Im so tough, the sun went blind looking at me

RE: [Game] The salty spitoon - Kiahdaj - 06-18-2014

Good thing I don't live in Canada, huh?

RE: [Game] The salty spitoon - Sophie - 06-18-2014

That's lame! The sun can't see to begin with!

I'm so tough, I only take one lump of sugar in my tea!

RE: [Game] The salty spitoon - Argentum - 06-19-2014

I'm so tough that I can tupperforce.

"yeah, so?"

Without any orange juice.

RE: [Game] The salty spitoon - LukeDude759 - 06-20-2014

Pfft, I could do that in my sleep.

I'm so tough, I watched Smile HD...

And had a hard time trying not to laugh.

RE: [Game] The salty spitoon - Brassow - 06-20-2014

What the fuck did I just watch...?
You are kind of tough actually... that was fairly disturbing...

I'm so tough I walk on legos every morning. (I actually do, I have a semi moat around my bed so muggers cant get me)

RE: [Game] The salty spitoon - Sophie - 06-20-2014

Doesn't that only work if the muggers take off their shoes when they enter the house?

I'm so tough that my bathroom has no toilet paper -- only sandpaper.

RE: [Game] The salty spitoon - BubblePop - 06-21-2014

Woah, now that's tuff. XD

I'm so tough I don't cry when I'm cutting onions. The onions cry for me.>w<