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Spooktober - Anonymous - 10-01-2014

[Image: tumblr_n8fw9l0Qg51tqvpuco1_500.gif]

The season is upon us. You know what that means?
Themed avatars. So put that hour into Paint and get some pumpkins on your face.

It also means discussing spooky games, scary stories, how you became the lazy neckbeard you are because you inherited 5 pounds of Twix, and anything else, all in prep for Halloween.

Heck, I'll start. Scariest game I've ever played? Lovely Sweet Dream. It's an old PS1 game -- you have to emulate it nowadays. The concept of the game is simple: Have the best dream possible. You can't die, you can't lose. Even with its graphical limitations, it developed this unique sense of creepiness. Everything is a little off. You walk into a sumo wrestler's fight, two more steps and you're in the middle of a womb. Touch a fetus and you're standing next to a lamppost with hanging women. When the dream ends, you may end up watching a kid eat soup. It's one of those you just gotta play. Can't recommend it enough.

RE: Spooktober - amber5885 - 10-01-2014

*runs to the Internet in search of awesome sauce game*

Seriously the one game that still manages to scare me so bad is this indy game called SCP containment breach it's based off of this website called the SCP foundation and if you haven't been then go its screwed up seriously.

But the game is that this relic that can't move while you are looking at it breaks free from its cell. Now once it's out of sight it kills and fast so you are in a FPS scenario and you have to blink every few seconds and get out of this containment facility and to do that you need I solve puzzles. It's fun

But every time that damn doll shows up I scream and there are points where I'll turn a corner and I'll see it just standing there starting at me like "yeah that's right, go on, piss yourself!" and I Litteraly start shakin and it makes me scream Everytime I play it.

You can download it for free online. At least try it once.

Also there is a slender man game that's pretty F-Ing creepy.

RE: Spooktober - ThatFellowWithTheScarf - 10-01-2014

Scariest game I've ever played was 5 Nights at Freddies, I know that's cliche but it's the first horror game I dared to play in complete darkness.

Another great topic is costumes. I personally have the best idea ever fathomed by man, I'm ordering a banana suit, a horse mask, and a chainsaw. Whatever party I go to better be ready for me.

RE: Spooktober - Quilten - 10-01-2014

I'm so glad this thread exists.

Anyway, I'm really glad you brought up LSD: Dream Emulator because holy shit, that game. Back when I was on my crap meds it was like jump scares on crack, especially since I have kenophobia which makes me super nervous while playing it. Thankfully, the new meds I got made it so that it wasn't AS scary, but still made me jump whenever something like the Grey Man appeared. I have a world record in speed running that game, as well, ironically.

For Halloween, I'm probably going to dress up as some gay anime boy to piss off the rich, white, homophobic people in my neighborhood.

RE: Spooktober - Vos - 10-01-2014

Spooky point-and-click games are always good.

RE: Spooktober - FurryBlueNaki - 10-01-2014

When I was in the mental hospital over Halloween a few years back they were playing scary Halloween shows on TV. In a place full of schizophrenics. That was strange to say the least. I didn't watch tv.

RE: Spooktober - Brassow - 10-02-2014

Wait... why were you in a mental hospital? (OUTLAST!!! DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!!!!)

I was kinda scared by Five Nights At Freddy's but the scariness quickly wore off. Not a whole lot legitimately scares me.

RE: Spooktober - FurryBlueNaki - 10-02-2014

(10-02-2014, 12:45 AM)Brassow Wrote: Wait... why were you in a mental hospital? (OUTLAST!!! DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!!!!)

I was kinda scared by Five Nights At Freddy's but the scariness quickly wore off. Not a whole lot legitimately scares me.

A schizophrenia mental break down. Now it's controlled with meds. I've actually been to 3 hospitals.

RE: Spooktober - Kiahdaj - 10-02-2014

I suppose I've been preparing for a while, as my avatar is already spoopy. And sideways.

I haven't played that many scary games, but I might have to agree on SCP: Containment Breach. I don't know what it is about that game that gets me. I can't even go into the room with that guy whose face you can't look at. Fuck that. I always noclip.

I'm not looking forward to Halloween. I will have kids knocking on my door - and children give me serious anxiety.

RE: Spooktober - FurryBlueNaki - 10-02-2014

Kingdom Hospital Introduction: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKScj-skBKQ