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(10-29-2014, 12:21 AM)Techoh Wrote: Teckie:" Hiya Mason! Big Grin liking both nature and videogames is super cool, usually people just like one or the other, not both. XP How is it being a grizzly bear, it must be super fun! Big Grin "

Teckie:" Okie dokes!!!!!! So, we should start a conversation to get us all connected together. ^v^ I'll start with.... hm.... ok, I got it!

What is the MOST embarrassing thing you're host felt because of you? :P Lol, my host might or might not want me to say this, but I giggle every time he goes to the bathroom. :P I can't help it, but now he's sort of set up barriers, lol. XD It's not like I'm a creep, I just find it all super humorous. ^^

So, I told mine, so tell yours! Big Grin

yeah it's pretty cool. Embarrassing moment not so sure but I do have I bad habit of scaring my host, I like watchin videos about horror games which she can't stand cause she get scared easily.

" Just because I don't exist in your world, that doesn't mean that I'm not real." Mason

" Everyone needs friends, not all friends are human." Della

" Am I real? I think so..." Sha'Rek

"Hello...." Ember

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Atlas: [I was practicing posessing my hosts mouth to speak, and his little brother laughed. That's about it. It wasnt all that special]
...It was... I sounded so retarded back then...
[Not my fault]
Actually it was...
~Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore~
Quote:Teckie:" It's nice to meet you May! Big Grin Your dad doesn't approve you being here? :V Der's no harm in being here, in my opinion. X3 Oh well, if you want, you can just send me a PM so we can talk there.

Nouvel: Well I don't appreciate my daughter being bullied, that's all.

May: ...Which is not going to happen, I'll be fine, Dad. Hm...what does Mom feel embarrassed- I can't think of anything- ...My mom really does the embarrassing, not us. Pffft.
This thread is old and I don't care. If my host wants to talk then he'll talk. Or won't. Depends how I feel.

If I want to talk then I will. But I probably won't. You people cause me pain, and not the good kind.

I embarrass him a lot. Not hard to do he's awkward. Most recently I was drinking some black coffee, and gave him back control in the middle of a sip. He spit it all over the place and had to change shirts.
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