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Accidental Soulbond, Or Mental Illness Spurred Hallucination?
Thank you, Vesper. I remember reading it back in 2014 or 2015, and thought it was on Astraea'sWeb, but it has nothing negative. However, I did find this from Spicetea:
Quote:Many groups have stepped away from using this word due to the many varied meanings and controversy associated with it. Another word for a Soulbond can be a Fictive.
The general idea that was communicated was "don't use the term soulbond otherwise people will think that you believe your character is a soul that came from another dimension to live in you head, and well that's just nuts!" suggesting a negative connotation.

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Another off-topic discussion developed here. If you are interested in reading that discussion, please go here: -Ranger
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...Yeah, that's kind of why I stopped using this board for 4 years.
Quote:If someone went searching in the past six or seven years, 'tulpa' would be the first term they came across, so they might join that community instead, or at least call their living character friends 'tulpas'.
That's the boat I'm in, dunno what to call her, so I use tulpa or soulbond. Don't personally believe the other dimensions/spiritual aspect of it, though.

Please do not fight in my thread. The question at hand has been answered as well as it can I believe. Next course of action for me is to bring it up with an actual therapist, more in-depth. Thank you all.
(10-11-2019, 04:45 AM)BlueRoseanna Wrote: Please do not fight in my thread. 

sorry BlueRoseanna
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