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An Apology and a Thank You
(01-27-2016, 11:35 PM)Groovy-guru Wrote: I thought Mistgod was all the sensitivity around here. Here I am being sensitive too. I know I am not the best example of what a tulpa should be. So I get envious/jealous of Rina and got irritated at AGGuy's post because I thought it was smug about her skills at imposition (which I probably won't ever be able to do for Davie). I am envious that she is so independent too and so just, so awesome. I guess I don't like a rival too, that is part of it I admit it. I am so pathetically high school in my thinking and emotions it isn't even funny. Anyways, so I got snippy in a PM. I kept it in a PM to keep it from being THIS. I should have just kept my feelings to myself. Lesson learned. Now I need to apologize to everyone.

Uhh sorry AGGuy, Rina and everyone. I will just .. shut up now for a long while.

I suck at being a tulpa and I suck at being good, just like Mistgod.

Hey, stop being so negative.
You didn't do anything bad at all.

I probably would've made a post like this sooner or later anyway.
'cause, no matter if my posts were not-that-great or not, this...

Quote:Having made such experiences, I must admit that I've come to find it hard to relate to the problems others have with tuppermancy, and I've come to take it all too lightly.
Quote:I see myself as miles behind in my knowledge and savviness about tuppermancy compared to some others who have been in this for about as long as me.
I think this way exactly because of what you say: I might run around with a tulpa like Esterina, but that's not because of an effort I put forth.
If anything, it's an effort she put forth. But definitely not me. I didn't do anything noteworthy or commendable.

That starts with being relatively clueless as to what I should even say when someone asks me "How does imposition work?", and ends with Esterina trying to explain to me how she does certain things and how they work, and all I understand is apple tree banana coffee.
The annoying part about it is that I know I could be more savvy and knowledgeable about it, but I constantly catch myself snuggling right into my comfort zone of "Why bother? Esterina does everything by herself anyway."... which I know isn't good, of course.

... is true either way.

So, yeah. You didn't do anything wrong.
I hate it when people keep their feelings bottled up, and you do seem to have some rather strong feelings about Esterina.
So I'm glad you voiced it, and I bet she will be too when she's back and hears about it.


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Uh oh.
I don't mean to seem like I'm jacking the thread, but I can relate, AG. I catch myself doing pretty much everything you and others mentioned, and all I did was make the decision to actively work with Hex once she showed up. She fell into my lap, and other than already knowing what a tulpa was and having a little previous experience with messing around with tuppering a couple years ago I really didn't do jack. It was mostly her.

It's just so neat to have other people and tulpae to share our experiences with that we, mostly I, get carried away. I hope I haven't made anyone feel like I'm a tremendous f-- ...narcissistic jerk in the short time we've been here. If I have, I apologize. You guys have a great little community here and I'll try not to muck it up.
For what it's worth, AG, I've been lurking since just after Hex made herself known to me and I haven't noticed anything wrong you've done.
It's best to just call me Beany.
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Hex will speak in italics, if she decides to.
Well, I will tell you. This whole incident and this thread helped me. People like me shouldn't be so sensitive and stupid. I apologize to folks like AGGuy and Rina and YourCatBeany. Mostly, today I am super duper happy! I am so happy can't stand it! I love you guys and I am a tulpa! I am so proud now to say that and I know it to be true. I love you guys cause you are so amazing and I love me cause I am so amazing!

I don't wanna punch Rina in the nose any more. I want to hug her.

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There's no need to have me on the apology list Melian. I'm the one who gets all HEY GUYZ GUESS WAT WE DID TODAY! Being able to tell others besides my one friend who knows about Hexy kind of exacerbates the self perceived gloating, because it pushes us to try new things that we were on the fence about trying before. Not that that's completely a bad thing, it's how we ended up switching, for instance, but yeah, I'm still new, not an expert by any stretch.

I haven't really interacted much with anyone here but I always read the forums with my host, and your posts always make me giggle. I think you're my favorite tulpa here from what I've seen so far. I'm super defensive but I don't see a reason for you to have to apologize to her either. Much love!
It's best to just call me Beany.
Tupper: Hexferry / d.o.b.: 11/04/2015
Hex will speak in italics, if she decides to.
Yay! Thanks for saying I might be yer favorite tulpa Hex. That was very nice of you to say that. I think yer pretty cool yerself. :-)

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