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Antipsychotics experiment (risky!)
I'm on Risperidone, which blocks hallucinations I have had in the past. It also takes away the paranoid side of things, and makes me normal. I still am making good progress with my new tulpa.
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Previously on Seroquel (antipsych) and Prozac. I personally found that, after the sero.dosage, it was near impossible to do anything with my tulpas. However, the Prozac seemed to counter the effect handily.
Note: no longer on either
Name: Ruusaan
Form: Human
Working on: Imposition
Age: 20 (13/10/2012)

Name: Lyra
Form: Satyr
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Age: 8

Name: Lily
Form: Human
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Age: 19 (12/12/2012)

Sorry for the bump. Could fluoride be considered an antipsychotic, even a little? I'm paranoid of unknown chemicals/meds affecting my tulpas. If only stuff like that was on the warning label.
Fluoride scares a lot of people because it's a toxic industrial waste product that's put in our drinking water without our permission. People who are scared of fluoride usually don't realize that water itself is a toxic industrial waste product. That's right: drinking too much water will kill you. It's called water intoxication. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says that you need at least a 10 mg dose of flouride in a single day for it to be harmful -- that's ten liters of drinking water. The water would kill you long before the fluoride could even begin to be harmful. So unless you're eating toothpaste or drinking mouthwash, you're probably going to be ok.

You may have heard that fluoride lowers the IQ of people who consume it. This is true -- in high dosages. Just as water is deadly in high dosages, but harmless in the quantities that any rational person could possibly consume in a day. Yes, there was a Harvard study linking fluoride in drinking water to IQs 7 points lower. But this was not comparing fluoridated water in a U.S. city to unfluoridated well water. No, this was comparing kids drinking toxic waste runoff in China and India to kids drinking clean drinking water. It looks bad if you only read the headline, but the truth is that those of us in first world countries are at no risk.

Unless you're eating toothpaste and drinking mouthwash.
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I take Zoloft. Will that affect Kelsey?
If she's doing okay with you on it now? If yes, then that's most likely no, she won't be affected adversely. Some Anti-psychotics do have an affect I've heard. Zoloft treats anxiety, anxiety is known to cause trouble with tulpas all on its own, so it could be good for her, who knows.
Like Bear said...

I meet people regularly that continue to have hallucinations, even with anti-psychotics. One person, with DID since childhood, doesn't respond to any anti-psychotics. The antidepressants help, but he still sees, hears, and interacts with his hallucinations. Interestingly, to me anyway, he interacts with them the way the people here interact with their tulpas, and so he has worked out a system that has enabled him to minimally function. No one can give you like an absolute, 100 percent answer, because there are variations, but I would bet you highly, it will zero affect on Kelsey. It will have an affect on you, and if improves your clarity and focus and takes away suffering, and gives you energy... You will have an affect on Kelsey.

Zoloft is very effective drug at lowering anxiety, and helping with depression. Can you function with anxiety, sure. You do better without. Whatever your brain can do with anxiety and depression, it can do better without symptoms. Tulpas are not random, brain mishaps. They are deliberate, persistent self modification of mind and brain. Memory is affected with depression, as well as concentration. If Zoloft helps you not be depressed, better memory, better concentration. Best rule of thumb, you are not a hallucination, you don't go away (the number one fear of psych meds is 'it will change me.') It won't change you. By the same token, tulpas not hallucinations so they don't go away.

If you read enough medical literature, there are valid concerns about modern psychiatric meds. There are also the stereotypical perceptions of the lay public of what it means to be on psych meds. Psych meds help most people, most the time. The science is not there yet where we can draw a person's blood and say, hey you need x amount of this. It's still trial and error. you can be on the right med, but the wrong dose, and going up or down makes a difference. Sometimes you're just flat on the wrong med. Going on and coming off can be messy. Just like flying, the most dangerous part of any flight is taking off and landing. If something goes wrong, it's mostly during those moments. Can that have a temporary affect on you? Yes. So, could that have a temporary affect on a tulpa? Sure. But like anything, you acclimate to the 'pressure' and go on.
I went on Zoloft before I created Kelsey, so I don't have any experience forcing without phych meds. She seems to be developing extremely fast. We're working on dissociation, and we think we'll be able to switch, soon. Kelsey's 10 days old.
So there you go. Be at peace. You are on track. To be honest, there are people not on psych meds who have not experienced your rate of development, and they would wonder what they're doing wrong... That's a very human thing to do... we start something new and we, all, me too, too quickly make erroneous explanations for success and failures. This is really a practice in persistence. You're both doing great. Just keep up the work.
antipsychotics are different than antidepressants. they interfere with dopanergic neuronal transmission while antidepressants interfere with serotonergic transmission and/or norepinephrine transmission. In my experience, antipsychotics had no effect on the alters of DID patients and after a while I quit perscribing them. I did prescribe antidepressants  and anti anxiety drugs which helped with depressive and anxiety symptoms. Still, even they had little, if any effect on the alters. There are serious side effects with all of these drugs and I highly recommend not touching them unless prescribed by an ethical psychiatrist. To "experiment " with them makes no sense. Don't do it!  Dr. Bob a retired psychiatrist.

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