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I wouldn't say dormant like sleeping but, when i'm doing activities that require focus and concentration (focusing on visualizing and hearing her would make the task difficult), she goes into, on her own words: "A state similar to sleeping. Not like you do, but in a way that it makes my perception of time go faster. Kinda like sleeping with half of your brain still awake."

This allows her to pass the time and keep attention to the world around me so that, when i'm done, we keep interacting as soon as possible.

We have a dimension on the wonderland called the "Bed Sheet Dimension" so she says she goes there to "sleep".

There are moments in which sticking together is difficult for him, so i disable my time perception a little bit.
Just a regular tulpamancing fella.

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Very interesting, time is very subjective in wonderland for us as well, that's an interesting way of thinking about it.

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