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Awakening Eyes PR
Yeah, I don't know how to make an introduction to a PR so I'm just going straight into this with information about how I found out about tulpas, my tulpas, and how everything is going, updated whenever something decent actually happens. I had a tumblr blog for this, but it quickly turned to crap because I didn't have much to go on for a while and just reblogged random stuff.

I actually found this to be kind of weird, because I only found out about tulpae in mid-January of 2013 by a very small chance. I had a friend I met through YouTube who sent me a Skype message asking if I wanted to be in a call with him and a friend, and his friend JUST SO HAPPENED to find a forum thread about tulpas nearly 30 seconds after I joined.

Obviously, as soon as we heard about this concept, we pushed the dude off as some crazy guy with DID and we could never remember the name "Tulpa" so we would just say "Chalupa" or "tulip", but mostly "chalupa" and it turned into this stupid inside joke of basically just making fun of tulpas in general.

I did pretty much nothing productive with my time (and I still really don't), so I figured I may as well do whatever it was and if it turned out to be fake, oh well.

The above portion of this post is from the original January 27th, 2014 post of this thread. From here on down, is a revised edit from May 26th, 2019:

Kara, my first tulpa, was started on February 4th of 2013. She is an anthropomorphic fox (I will post references for all tulpas later).

Celedyr, my second tulpa, was started on March 17th of 2013. He is a big ol anthropomorphic dragon, probably 7-9 feet tall, if I had to guess.

Vinyl, my third tulpa, was started on April 14th of 2013. You can probably guess what her form is.

We consider Luna our fourth tulpa, although she was accidental and made in late March, but she had just left for nearly 4 months until she finally came back I believe? Again, her form is pretty easy to guess.

Angel, my fifth tulpa, was started on August 7th, 2013. Her form is basically Celestia from MLP. (I've never actually watched the show, I have no idea why I have so many horses. Their choice at this point, I guess?)

Ruth, my sixth and final tulpa, was started on October 4th of 2013. He didn't start ACTIVELY talking until either late 2018 or early 2019. His form is a cycle between Ruth and Elias who are both from Ancient Magus' Bride, as well as Ryuk from Death Note.

We're working together to weather out the fact that I decided back in 2013 to start making 6 tulpas all at once, which was really not a good idea at all. I really only intended on one or two, but then I honestly don't know what younger me was thinking. Only way to move is forward.

That's all for now. Feel free to ask any of us any questions you may have at any time and I'll answer them between posts.

JUNE 11, 2019 EDIT:

Renamed the thread to "Awakening Eyes PR" instead of "I'm bad at making titles and everything else" since a little while back, we'd decided to call our system "Awakening Eyes" as a reference. Just thought it would be more clean to have an actual name for the thread than anything, and our switch counter is based off of "Awakening Eyes" as it is.

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Tomorrow is Kara's birthday. We're making plans to continue with possession with Kara and Vinyl at the least.

Today was the first day I've been able to get Luna speak a lot. Usually she's just quiet or just speaks in one or two word sentences and not much else.

I loathe the day when we come to switching due to the amount of accidents I've had with it and how painful they were.
Today was Kara's birthday. She was in a really good mood all day. I thought today was going to be COMPLETELY good until a lot of fighting went on with my parents and it got really fucked up and then I went and forced to calm down. Usually, when I'm under a lot of anxiety or stress, I talk with Bithore more than usual because he's really good at calming me down. We're about to have a night time forcing session and just have one last little celebration for Kara's birthday since I didn't get to do much due to school and all this fighting shit.
Happy belated birthday Kara!
And then... Insanity...
Guys. My Progress ;-;
(02-05-2014, 01:05 PM)BeanieBrigade Wrote: Happy belated birthday Kara!

[Thanks! ^^ I greatly appreciate it! It was a great day! :D]
#best title ever
(02-06-2014, 12:45 AM)Jabrae Wrote: #best title ever

I know, right?
I don't really have much to write here because I don't want to spill bullshit about how bad the past 3 days have been, but for Kara's birthday:

Overall, she was really happy and seemed to have a good day. We did some forcing and then I think I hit my head on something and just like forgot what happened that day... that or my medication with it's "short-term memory loss" crap is getting to me really badly. I'll be in a call with someone and I'll say something and then forget it in a few seconds and then everyone laughs at me. 'MERICA, FUCK YEAH (these meds are banned in other countries).
I've been sick pretty much 24/7 for about two weeks now and haven't really wanted to do anything. Kayleen changed her form and name back to the second name/form she deviated to long ago.

I've been so drowsy that staying focused during forcing or anything else is hard as hell.

We're just having fun, messing around and trying to learn Japanese... though in some ways it's hard to teach yourself to some limit... just figured I should get a refresher and maybe improve.
Tia and Neon have been put in stasis. I felt guilty on the half of ignoring them way too much, but I feel like I "bit off more than I could chew" in a sort of selfish manner. I obviously talked with them about it beforehand on multiple occasions, but I always convinced myself I'd make it work. It never did. So for now, I'm with Kara, Bithore, Vinyl, and Luna.

I plan to try devoting more time to forcing now that my school situation is more fixed up (I go for 3 hours a day, from 7-11 in the morning). I'll probably have a schedule set up by next week. We'll be working on possession and imposition together, and I'll be working on dissociation more for switching at a later date. I had almost accomplished a full dive into wonderland once last year, but it turned to disaster and pretty much just me bleeding in my bed.

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