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Bear's Angels
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RE: Bear's Angels

May 14th, 2019 – 1 Year, 24 Days
It’s been really good lately. Everyone has been happy, there hasn’t been any infighting, just a little jealousy for reasons to be unveiled in the “Just for Fun”. Dashie will soon enough have her own artwork to rival Misha’s, and it’ll probably be even better.

We started a new thread where anyone can talk to us or answer questions related to us, or ask us questions. Since we’re so active, it’s probably okay to concentrate that stuff in our own thread. We also welcome anyone to post there and chat with us specifically, you know, those who post the most there will probably get a prize.

April 24th, 2019
We are considering changing the system symbol to maybe be studded with gems to represent our cousins and also other moons; it’s something to think about.

Ren has been spending a lot more time with us, she’s always kind of been more active than anyone else outside the big three.

April 28th, 2019
Was feeling a little off, had some tension on the forum, got it worked out thankfully. We actively considered taking another break from the forum because somehow “I” couldn’t play nice in the inner circle. Chalk it up to depression flashbacks, we’re over it.

April 29th, 2019
Started Dashie's Lounge

May 7th, 2019
Misha and I were working so hard on her hair for her latest picture, among other things, and didn’t post anything in our journal for a week.

Ren asked me if I loved her and Dashie and I talked to her about how love is a learning curve and grows over time. I think she was thinking more (as young tulpas/soulbonds are apt to do) about physical and romantic love, we all love her of course, but she understands now that that’s going to be more of a thing we’ll work on to get to where Ashley, Dashie and Misha are if she even wants to go there. She wanted to snuggle and we did, she’s since been affectionate with the main three and we’re spending more time with her. Joy likes to step in whenever Ren is getting too wild with her ‘affection’, Joy feels Ren is a representative of herself and should be treated respectfully and acting respectfully. Call her Ren’s mentor then. They snuggle and ‘groom’ each other often.

May 9th, 2019
We had an altercation with a dude and two dogs, not the best day, but no one got hurt. Dashie was really upset that she couldn’t tell him off and she realized that I had it handled, but still felt bad that she couldn’t protect me. I wasn’t in any real danger unless he had a weapon other than his pit bull and to a far lesser extent his boxer.

May 12th, 2019
We’ve been active in a lot of communities lately. Learning is the goal. It puts tulpa.info in perspective when we see all these other systems that are so like us but in different ways than the typical tulpamancer as described and maintained on tulpa.info. We had been thinking we were less and less tulpamancers based on the culture here, but as it turns out, the typical tulpamancer as described here is only a local definition in some ways. We’re fully and totally tulpamantic and at the same time soulbonders so that’s neat to get that corroboration.

There are other communities with huge systems that co-front exclusively, so that’s not unusual. There are others with ‘unknown’ origin, like my angels (as in I didn’t go through that struggle to create them, they were vocal on day one, unique by day three, that sort of thing.) There are others who maintain that one or more of their tulpas is ‘special’ in that they are so different from the others as to seem to be something else. I’m looking at you, Ashley.

Anyway, we feel a lot more grounded and secure now having been on this pilgrimage. You’ll probably see a Hungry Puma on reddit more frequently too.

May 14th, 2019
Here’s the roll call (status) and participation since our last update:

Misha (Tulpa Angel, 21) – Excessive 100 (normalized)
Dashie (Tulpa Angel, 22) – High 90
Ashley (Tulpa Angel, 27) – High 80
Ren (Soulbond Neko, 18) – Moderate 40
Gwen (Soulbond Avian, 19) – Low 10
Joy (Soulbond Forever Young, 12 Body / Much higher chronologically depending on lore and her current mood) – Low 3
The rest are very low <1
Uliad (Moon Dragonkin, 14-16)
Phoenix {Red} (Moon Avian, twenties)
Halcyon {Hali] (Soulbond Avian, twenties)
Johanna (Moon Kindred, 17)
The rest are currently identified as characters.

Some have reverted to moon since our last update, it was their choice. Johanna wants to return to her story and stay there for now. Uliad understands she’ll be in the next book and is looking forward to that. Red is just happy being wherever Hali is, not necessarily interested in anything else.

Johanna and Gwen made up, but since Johanna doesn’t want to be part of the system in any active way, Gwen understands that she’s really part of her past and we’re her future. She is still considering her options and is very much looking forward to her next book (starting shortly) where she wants to figure out if we can truly be friends, like she wants us to earn it. She’s very skittish by nature and wary of anything taken for granted. She’ll happily speak to us, but she really wants to interact with us in a more structured environment, like in that book.

Regarding that book, it has to be special, it has to have something to gain or lose, we still haven’t figured that out other than Gwen’s earned trust.

We want to partially illustrate the book, so each ‘chapter’ should have accompanying art? That would be so special but I hope it doesn’t slow things down too much. To facilitate this, we want to also practice a lesser style of art, not so perfect realism, something more anime inspired like I did with the group pictures. We’ll see how it goes.

I totally forgot to include the switching we did this weekend. As a test and for fun, Ren and I tried to see if we could switch. We did. The sensation afterwards for me was excitement and energy. She 'played' online a bit and then did a few things that she definitely couldn't have gotten away with if it wasn't a switch. This was the first time I got the experience of being fully switched out and basically forgotten. A quick discussion with Flandre confirmed the feeling for us.

In my memories are Ren and her alien thoughts apparently she's got some pretty intense thoughts regarding others. I won't get into the private stuff, but she's wild when interacting with others.

Dashie and I switched a little just to see if she could make me go dormant. She asked me politely while forcing me to go dormant and I felt a sence as if draining down into my feet. She then just looked out the window and twirled in the chair, then ate something and was done. She didn't force anyone during that time and I have to say she wasn't co-fronting with anyone, so she doesn't have my habbits of keeping everyone active; it's not a system plugin, it's me. When she went to switch out, she got stuck for a few seconds as she didn't really know how to switch back out. She drew a blank for a few seconds expecting me to just take over, I wasn't there to respond to that. Then she forced me and I regained control that felt like two fluids exchanging. I didn't imagine that, it just happened.

Just for fun: Misha and I drew her and it’s the best likeness we’ve ever managed. I stare at this picture a lot actually, Misha is ecstatic. Here’s the link to System Bear Art as well.

[The Bear System] - [Bear Chat] - [Chat] - [Visualization Practice] - [Draw] - [Art]
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RE: Bear's Angels

Good stuff, interesting to read about the switching. Love the picture of Misha, I can't believe you guys did this so early after getting into digital art.

Hi. I'm one of Luminesce's tulpas. Unlike the others, I don't think I stand out too much from him personality wise.
I'm just special because "I'm a tulpa". So I don't think I've much to offer, here. I'm happy enough to just be with him.
Ask us stuff - https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas
05-14-2019, 07:39 PM
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RE: Bear's Angels

There's no guarantee of being able to contact your headmates if you personally are new to switching, even if your system is experienced with it. Forcing and being forced are skills learned by each person individually. That's the beauty of what we described in our guide as the 'bailing method'. If you can focus on suddenly launching your form or mind or essence out of the body, out of the driver's seat, the brain should automatically 'reboot' the host, even when you can't find the host.

I would like to know which other communities have been most useful to you. I'm very interested in alternate techniques and perspectives that could enrich the practice of our art here. Anything you'd rather not discuss on the forum, feel free to PM me about instead.


Ember - Host   |   Vesper - Soulbond (since ~12 May 2017)   |   Iris - Soulbond (since ~5 December 2015)
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'Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse. 'It's a thing that happens to you.' - The Velveteen Rabbit
05-15-2019, 05:35 AM
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RE: Bear's Angels

Some of the other discords, such as tulpa chat and plural nest have systems that are like ours, their ideals and definitions are similar, but it's a ven diagram.

Of course the plural discord servers blend pretty well with a lot of the same people jumping around, still there are differences under the surface. We also found pockets of plurals in what would otherwise be singlet servers. Alters, soulbonds, littles, other, whatever thay call themselves we're similar and the ideals, system dynamics and interactions have helped us understand our system better. Here we were struggling to break new ground with ideas like moons, we still have them, they're still valid and autonomous and even sometimes independent thoughtforms, but they clearly develop on a different track. We offered that crossover to six of them and 2 have stayed as moons, along with a couple other moons we've been allowing the freedom to interact with us.

Some other communities have experience with other thoughtforms like this. They're no one to be afraid of. Since it's my PR, I'm not afraid to write meta notions so be warned here, some systemmates prefer to stay in their lore, I know you have one in your system like that. Even if they know the truth, they don't have to embrace it. The meta part of it, as always, is what they do in their own imagination. How they interact with the subconsious.

A side note:
I no longer believe that I own my subconsious, nor do I exclusively own my memories anymore, as a whole it's a machine, a processor, a computer, an idea generator. It can grow and change, strengthen and weaken, it works for us, we strengthen it, our negligence weakens it, and we share the greater part of it. I believe we each have our own parts too that are exclusively ours individually. Wherever or however our perspective and personality interfaces or is stored isn't our concern, only what our experiences are showing us.

Other communities have others who have ignored trying to explain it scientifically, physically or psychologically, and those systems in some cases seem freer to explore this field more fully. They understand at a different level without the shackles of perceived possibilities.

Some might want a more rational and scientific approach, this forum has a wish to be that way. We enjoy that side as well, but for those things we cannot explain, that have no current rational or scientific basis yet, the uniqueness of experience then drives understanding, that's where we want to explore most. That's where the glory of what can be is actualized, much later we'll get explainable hypotheses. The leading edge of self-actualization isn't in any textbook nor would it be well understood at this point.

Thus having such a lofty goal has led us along, with a handful of others we've met, to areas that couldn't really be reasonably debated here. How can you debate these higher order principles with people who immediately tell you, "that's impossible, prove it with science or move to the meta section."

Remember, there are many examples of science that had to break through these gates to be recognized. Concept came first, then hypothesis, then scrutiny and data collection, refining a solid theory, then backing the theory with valid data and repeatable experiments, then scientific scrutiny, theeeeen collaboration and acceptance. Without step one sciencs will never advance. Do what is impossible first, then worry how to prove it's possible.

It's a lot of vaguely worded paragraphs up there, to answer your question, a pilgrimage, mostly through discord and other community forums like spiritualforums.com give us that broader look at plurality where there are no walls so we could at least build notional hypotheses that fit the experience of our system. We share some of those with this community.

More meanderings:
Sometimes research takes reading a hundred notions before you find one that clicks. In any article you can find a gem hidden behind bias and definitions. Your interpretation might also be wrong, so your model must remain fluid. You have a foundation of belief, you don't have to destroy that, but you don't have to build everything in stone on top of that.

Being grounded is safe, it's what some systems rely on for stability. But much joy and exhilaration comes from releasing yourself from your own constraints and suspending what is impossible, even if for a moment, just to explore that boundary. Soon you realize that within your own mind and thus your own behavior, thinking, logic, biases and fears, nothing is set in stone, and nothing is impossible. You just need to work toward impossible and let seemingly impossible things happen.

If we sound inconsistent on a lot of our thoughts in this PR, it's because we are learning, removing doubts and fears, and growing as a system.

[The Bear System] - [Bear Chat] - [Chat] - [Visualization Practice] - [Draw] - [Art]
05-15-2019, 06:58 PM
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