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Beginner Questions General
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RE: Beginner Questions General
Ohh okay. I think I understand. Another question, would it be okay to create a tulpa similar to someone else's? I'm only interested in all of this because my boyfriend has it and I never knew about it and I got really into this kind of thing.
2 hours ago
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RE: Beginner Questions General
You can base your tulpa off of anybody/thing, but don't expect them to act a certain way for long. They will change from your expectations as they experience life, just like anybody else.

Be sure to look around the forum more, and really decide if you are ready to dedicate yourself to your tulpa, at least while they are completely dependent on you.

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1 hour ago
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RE: Beginner Questions General
I wouldn't necessarily reccomend basing it on someone else's. Even more so if you were thinking of basing it on your boyfriends tulpa.

The common thing is characters from games or shows.

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1 hour ago
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RE: Beginner Questions General
(Today, 01:58 AM)Keraltex Wrote: How would you know if it's your tulpa talking to you and not just yourself thinking?
I want to take a second crack on this topic, given how vague my original answer was. But the more I think about it, the more I realise, my answer was vague because there is no controversy free answer to that question. Lots of people have written about it. And because they all have tulpas who work differently from each other, the answers don't agree.

Maybe ask the question again, later, when you have more experience, and we can make inferences based on where you are.

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5 minutes ago
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