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Oh wow yeah I'm glad you said that actually Enny. I remember the first time I saw Kiahdaj post in a thread and I was like 'he's the one who wrote the guide I'm following. Hail be to the master, weaver of realms' so to speak. I exaggerate a bit of course but I still felt almost like 'woah. Different level to me. Don't say anything it's gonna sound stupid and noobish'.

Ironic then that now I see that attitude in and of itself is the noobish thing to do. Ah irony how you haunt me so.

Since we are talking of awesome sandwiches and the like ( dunno who brought that up) I must say a quad-decker sandwich consisting of ham, cheese, potato chips, lettuce, chicken, perhaps egg or bacon if I can find em- always seems to go down well with me. Should be noted you have to hulk smash the layers a few times to allow it's haphazard insertion into thy face.

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I've been getting in shape myself. I stopped eating sugar -- except from natural sources like whole fruit and dairy -- over a month ago. Haven't really noticed any positive benefits though.

I've also been jogging lately. There's this app called Zombies Run, which makes it into a game -- a really lame game, but hey, what else are you going to do while you're running?

In three days of jogging, my calves got so stiff that I literally couldn't jog the fourth day. I was more staggering or shuffling or shambling. I rested the fifth day, and I'm hoping that I'm good to jog again today.

And as long as I'm talking about health and counting days, I'm brewing a few gallons of kombucha. Yeah, I know, I'm a total hippie -- I did live in a commune for two years -- but I like kombucha. I like the way it tastes, I like the way it smells, and it's all the fun of brewing in a (mostly) non-alcoholic drink. I don't believe in all the supposed health benefits -- I just think it's a really cool drink. And yes, I know it's filled with sugar. I'll make this an exception to the no-sugar rule, since it'll just be a few glasses a month.

So yeah, my kombucha is about a week and a half in. I'm really hoping this will be my first culture to not grow mold.
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All I have to say for y'all who are trying to get into shape: we're all gonna make it brah. Cardio kills gains, though. Once you're done cutting, don't forget that sweet, sweet bulk. Get swole as fuck, and stay the hell away from /fit/, it'll ruin your life. Also, don't follow Starting Strength by Mark Rippletoe, it's really a flawed strength training routine.

@sushi I have a friend who makes that stuff, it's always tasted like drinking horseradish to me though. Mold sucks, I tried to grow some mushrooms a year and a half ago, and that ended up being a complete abortion because of mold alone.
We're all gonna make it brah.
In regards to mod stuff, by the time I'd made it to that point, I was already veteran enough that I was revered for whatever reason, but the extra attention of being a mod was probably a pretty good thing, in my case. I'd been trying to get the other mods kicked for ages, because they were assholes, hated the members openly, and didn't care for the topic of the site in the least, but the best the admin would give me was modship myself, soo, took it. Of course there were the members who would mod-worship the other guys and conform completely to their beliefs just because they were more veteran than I was, but I was able to get a decent amount on my side, where I could, you know, help them out, and be nice and all of that.

I think I made, hm, five? But being a chat site where we all have different schedules and personal lives though, we needed a couple more. One was a good guy, and the one who got me into tuppers, even, then we recruited this.. Thing. I hated him, he was a bad person, and I left. Site shut down a couple months ago, aha. Lack of modship and funding, I hear. Maybe should have listened to me and kicked the old guys who hated it, switched for new guys. I miss it a bit, but what can you do?

Shui, that sounds weird. Aha.

I actually hate pig in its ham state, Sanctuary. Bacon is fine, but ham.. We can't be friends. Sorry.

And lastly, egh bulking up. I'd like a bit of muscle, but at the same time, I know people with a lot of muscle, and some of them can't itch a lot of their backs. I like having full range of motion. Also it just looks uncomfortable.. Getting trimmed up, tone, and putting on the smallest amount though is my end-goal. I just need enough that my brother can stop pulling the "Oh I'm bigger than you when really I'm just fat with about regular muscle, let me get in your face" shit any time I say something he doesn't like, aha.

Glad this thread is getting replies.

So I'm considering getting a tattoo once I turn 18 here in a few months. The { } in my profile pic, for reasons. Not sure where to get it though, or in what font..
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See bacon would be better, but ham is just easier, it was always in my parents fridge growing up I guess. Gimme the option of bacon or gammon next to Ham though and the ham is gonna rot in the corner XD .

Oh lord your making me feel old now. I can barely remember thinking 'when I turn 18 I'll...' Anymore. Was like.. 12 years ago ^^;

Tatoos are good.. Until you go to japan and everyone assumes your in teh yakuza. Most annoying. Public bath houses and the like often won't even let you in.
Good thing I'm loathe to most Japanese things. There's just this cultural thing, and the language barrier is too much for me, and fifty other things. And also the weebs here in good ol' America have burnt me out on it through nothing more than obsessing over the culture themselves. I'd like to visit somewhere like Italy, or Finland though.

And my opinion of you is slightly raised. Bacon is pretty rad. Not sure what a "gammon" is, though.

So I've made myself a liar. I most certainly didn't take a look at my bike today. Did the other exercises, though. Not really seeing much improvement lately, but it might show a little better after I take an off day here before the week is out, give my sore, sore arms, legs, and stomach some time to recover ;-;

So yeah, here's to hoping that gets better.

Someone recommend me some decent, cheap PC parts. Should be getting some hand-me-down stuff from my uncle, and brother within the next couple months, so I can finally build something. Ought to be a decent AMD processor (Not my first choice, but it's only a couple years old and runs stuff well), miscellaneous motherboard #1 (Just know it's Asus, and again, not that old), a 120gb Kingston SSD (Brother's, runs great), aaand a case. So that leaves, what, PSU, GPU, RAM, and peripherals? I happen to have mechanical drives laying about so I don't need a new one immediately, but yeah.

Really, all it needs to do is run Fallout 4 when it comes out without crashing. GPU is my biggest gripe, as I'm not really learned on every make and model ever of the past couple years. Under $300 would be nice. New is also nice, but if I'm gonna get anything used for under 300, I may as well get a 970 or something (Despite the weird 3.5g VRAM thing going on there). Really though, affordable and workable are the biggest gripes there. I already have a keyboard around that's fine, I'll probably just use a controller for 4 when it comes out, so any mouse is fine. Just, yeah, GPU, and any other recommendations. Cooling, maybe. Wouldn't worry about overclocking even if I could afford parts to, I just don't want things to catch fire.
If you only knew what all this cost - What she gave up, just to save her art

What is fashion, fashion without love? Like an odradek, a spool without purpose
You'd best hope the motherboard is the right socket type for the CPU. If they're both being handed down from the same computer, you're good, at least.
I'm not as familiar these days with Nvidia cards as I am with AMD, but I know you can get like an R9 270x or 280x for less than $300, and they're pretty great.
I'm jealous of all the SSD people. I still haven't gotten around to owning one. I hear they're great. I'm running on an HDD that's about 10 years old. I'm pretty sure it's fairly slow. I'm passively worried about it dying. I know I could buy a new one for cheap, but eh.

I built/salvaged the computer I'm currently using with about $250, so I am satisfied with that. Before that, I was using a horrible Vista era prebuilt desktop that drove me insane to use with Windows. We're talking 10 seconds for the right click menu to come up. That's the story of why I originally switched to GNU/Linux. It was actually usable on that.
And before that, I used a Windows 98 era desktop. Needless to say, that was not any fun at all.

So one of these days, I still dream to actually build a computer that I'll be really satisfied with. But right now, save for my 3GB usable RAM (which frankly, I only usually use ~2GB), and lack of SSD, I don't need too much more. Unless I want to game on it, which I might. But that doesn't mean I won't go all out on it, anyway within reason
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Difficult to recommend ram as don't know the CPU or motherboard specifics ( speeds etc) but I would bet most 1600mhz ram should do you fine - graphics card is probably going to be the most important part in the whole build, CPU doesn't play such a role in games anymore - mostly it's done gpu side. GPU, CPU and number of drives is gonna dictate the PSU I guess. You know what the CPU is? Phenom/steamroller etc?
<edit>. Gah Kiahdaj beat me to it XD
I'll look into those cards Kiahdaj, thanks. And yeah, I never truly started experiencing decent computing until my brother built his rig a couple years ago. I don't even like to think about all of the laggy boot-times, or inability to run pretty much anything.. Egh

Motherboard and processor come from the same build. Motherboard is, ah what is it, I think it might be a Sabertooth 990fx? I'm fairly certain it's in the Sabertooth line at least, and I think it was purchased, oh, maybe spring 2013. Processor is also probably in the FX series. Wanna say it runs at 3.5ghz, though I'm not sure how many cores. Secondary use for me is music stuff, which the processor is actually pretty nice for. That's why my uncle is upgrading, actually. Wants top-tier Intel for better media-everything, but I've seen him work stuff fine with the processor I'll be getting, and it's more than adequate. Won't do much with it either way, just generally interested in learning a bit more about sound.

But yeah, whatever the case, ready for that. My father isn't too fond of computers though, so I'm worried he'll forbid me from actually going through with this, aha. As well as all, he thinks if I have one, I won't want a job, haha. I'll never really want one, but that doesn't mean I don't still apply anywhere and everywhere. Ah, but we'll see, yeah?

Once I can get some component names I'll look into wattage and PSU I guess. Just as a frame of reference though, any particular brand to look at/avoid in that department? I've never exactly decided to spend time reading into quality PSU brands, aha.
If you only knew what all this cost - What she gave up, just to save her art

What is fashion, fashion without love? Like an odradek, a spool without purpose
I wouldn't even say you should worry about getting 1600mhz RAM, if it poses much of a price difference. I don't actually remember, as it's been a while (on checking now, it looks like there's little to no difference at all. So sure, go for that). But anyway, people typically like GSkill and Corsair. Some people like Kingston a lot, and I've heard others say it fails on them. I dunno. RAM's typically one of those things I think you'll do just fine with buying one of the highest rated brands.

Regarding PSU, you definitely can't go wrong with Corsair. Corsair tends to make some quality products, in general. But in the end, anything will probably do. I would say don't worry about bronze/silver/gold certification, but I find some really hardly adds to the price.
Regarding wattage, there are some fairly reliable online calculators for that kind of thing.
"If this can be avoided, it should. If it can't, then it would be better if it could be. If it happened and you're thinking back to it, try and think back further. Try not to avoid it with your mind. If any of this is possible, it may be helpful. If not, it won't be."

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