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Confessions of a Poorly Trained Tulpa
We already watched the first season of MLP:FIM. It was cute. Well, we watch most of the first season but that was a couple of years ago now. We still haven't watched any more of the show.

Today Mistgod is sad. His aunt died today. Just feeling kinda down and very mortal. He turns 54 in May. Losing everything in the Camp Fire and watching his whole extended family get dispersed and now losing his aunt. It's got us kinda down. On the plus side, Misty got to visit his step daughters and his grandchildren today and they are doing well. It was his granddaughter's birfday. She turned six!

Misty has a new astronomy poster and some sparkly bobbles to hang in his room-bed. Yesh, it is a bed, but he built it and it's basically a four poster, canopied bed with bookshelves and stuff inside of it. It's hard to explain but this bed is like epic. It's wired with electricity and has a place for the laptop computer, a space heater, a light, and even a cup holder. It's got curtains on all sides, except for the headboard side which the headboard is giant and has the light attached to it and stuff. At the foot of the bed is a shelf with the dolly collection. My hostie is a strange man. (oh yesh, his wife Shel sleeps in her own room, marital bliss for 25 years that way).

I think this Confessions thread is gonna become a random musings thread by Melian the somekind-of-thoughtform-with-some-kinda-tulpa-traits-sort-of. Many of my older musings bloggy threads are already muooshed into anyways.

It makes feel a teensy better and not so sad to post random stuff here tonight. Thanks tulpa peeps.

OH and we deliberately, totally avoiding writing anything on that recent "accidentally tulpa" thread. We read some of it. Not gonna say a word on that. Nope, nope.

Lolflash - click it, you know you want to

It's best that you didn't, it's mostly resolved.
Well, good, I hope that person feels better. If we comment on those threads, we are only gonna make things worse and be of no help at all.

We will stick with the Confessions thread and the Games. If anybody is ever curious about me, there is lots and lots of stuff already posted in the Living Imagination. It will answer all the questions they ever wanted to ask and then some.

Today Mistgod and I encountered a college aged girl at Barnes and Noble, who had "Melian traits." She was the check out girl. She was about five foot two, with blonde hair, and had the cutie round cheeks and big eyes. Her eyes were brown though, instead of the dark blue. But she had the most beautiful smile. She was just so cute and nice and obviously aware of and enjoying the fact that she was being admired. What a sweet girl and so kind.

After that Mistgod and Shel went to dinner at the Chinese BBQ and Shel teased him about liking the check out girl. She knows all about his strong affection and admiration of kawaii women. She doesn't mind as she knows that's a big reason why he fell in love with her. Shel is like five foot two and so adorableness. Her long hair is gold and silver now.
Mistgod painted the cement floor in the bathroom and then found out the paint takes as much as three days to dry. Eek!

It's gaming day and we are gonna play Talisman all day.
MISTGOD-MELLY NEW RULES OF CONDUCT (for the Mistgod-Melian system to follow on .info)
  • Be kind and considerate and have compassion.  No passive aggressiveness.  Listen to Mr. Rogers Neighborhood before joining forum or posting.  Listen to Bob Ross and think about peaceful kindness and happy things. 
  • Avoid trigger words and replace them with more constructive and positive words and phrases that help foster a safe and comfortable environment for tulpa creation.  
  • No more frequent dramatic exits and then equally dramatic returns.  Just don't write anything about leaving or taking breaks or coming back.  No one believes it anymore anyway or is impressed with it. 
  • No more silly self bans.  
  • Avoid topics we have no experience with.  This means leaving peoples alone about possession and imposition.  These are aspects of tulpamancy Mistgod and I don't fully understand.  They are also very triggering to us and it's best we stay out of conversations about these things.  This would also include topics concerning tulpa ethics related to sentience, and any discussion of the nature of tulpa sentience.  Mistgod and I have already read extensively about this and debated it many, many times.  It's been covered.  
  • Engage in topics we understand and in which we have a positive contribution that is meaningful.  This would include things like lucid dreaming techniques, dream personas, median systems, day dreaming, fantasy prone personality, flash visions, day dreaming disorder, active imagination, and immersive role playing/method acting and our ideas about "Living Imagination."  
  • It is okay to discuss our Yoda tulpa and his progress.  We tend to be tongue and cheek silly with Yoda, but we need to try to take it seriously, otherwise we may never get anywhere with it.  
  • Avoid changing conversations to be about Mistgod-Melly.  Don't derail threads.  Stay on topic.  
I wonder if other thoughtforms change clothes as often as I do, or do they like always wear the same thing?  This wondering would not apply to animal tulpas of course that don't need to wear clothes.  

I change my dresses and my shoes and my hair about six to eight times a day.  

Currently I am wearing a pastel blue lolita dress with a frilly jumper skirt, petticoat, white long sleeve blouse,white stockings, and black dolly shoes.  My hair has a giant matching bow in it, and of course is braided into twin pigtails.  Later I might try to dress in a strawberry theme.


This is as good a place as any for it.  

Accidental Tulpa Cringe-Fest Rant
In wonderland, I wear the same clothes every day. I haven't put too much thought in expanding my wardrobe yet, aside from wearing jeans and a hoodie.
I'm Gray's/Cat_ShadowGriffin's Tulpa and I love Hippos! I also like forum games and chatting about stuff.
Temporary Log | Chat | Yay!

The Grays, my other head-mates, have their own account now.
I rotate through jammies, school outfit, casual outfit.. hm... Suddenly, I want more cute outfits.

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