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Documentary / TV program
Hello All,
I am a documentary filmmaker and producer and am currently doing background research and development for a story on Tulpas.

I am very new to this subreddit and have just begun to learn about Tulpas creation but it is all very fascinating to me.

Is there anyone on here or in the community that would be interested in sharing their stories? I am interested in getting background information to better understand the topic as well as arranging potential interviews with 18+ members who would be interested in talking on camera. 

If there is interest in this please feel free to PM or comment on here and we can chat further


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But why?

Feel free to get ahold of us through a PM if you want. We're down for that, I think.
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I'm slightly interested in this, so you can go ahead and message me about it if you want. Also, since you're just gathering people instead of starting an actual discussion, I'll move this thread to the lounge.

Black text doesn't mesh with the default theme, by the way, so I'd recommend changing that.
I'd consider it if I could remain anonymous.
My dream is to make it in the film industry, so you can understand how I'd be hesitant to attach my name to a study on voices in people's heads.
Hell, I'd imagine the stigmas are going to be a large segment of the documentary anyway...
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