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[Focus & Concentration] Couguhl's Guide to Tulpa Association for Regaining Focus
Approved for tips and tricks

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6/9 for Tips it is.
T[Oh! OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ]

That's Teckie in the brackets, not me. >_> Just stating that first.

T[We've been thinking about this for a while Actually!! Big Grin Nice comparison with the dog and the meat. XD Very true though.....]

T[Anyway, I just want to point out that this has been scientifically proven in a documentary I have seen in Techoh's memory! (he watches a lot of those. :P ) Basically it was proven that if a person smells something and listens to something at the same time while they are asleep, then when they hear that same thing that when they were asleep, they smell the thing that they smelled when they were asleep even though the nose isn't picking up any scent. I guess that sort of proves how powerful smell can be in bringing back memory..... or any scent in general!!! I think I'll practice by having Techoh take a grape-flavored jolly-rancher before beginning a meditation with me. :P ]

Um.... ok. ~_~ I was actually looking at this thread to create a larger understanding of how the mind works.... but now that I think about it, this technique actually will help with a particular issue I've had with trying to get into a good position for Teckie to try out switching. Thanks. Smile

T[I say thankyou for the technique as well! I think it will be a fun thing to try out. :P Also useful too....]
Badging is not allowed on these forums. How about you read the rules next time, you've done this before many times already so I guess you just don't know...
The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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