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[Focus & Concentration] Meditation
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RE: Meditation
Definitely approved. The question is for where. Probably not "Guides" because it isn't directly about tulpas. I think it fits Resources more than Tips & Tricks. The way I see it (please correct me if I'm wrong) Tips & Tricks is advice on specific parts of the forcing process, while Resources is things that can be useful either as part of the forcing process or on their own -- something people outside the community do as well. This guide is definitely the latter. Plus, if put in Resources, it can keep the other meditation guide company (though I think this one completely eclipses that one).

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson
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10-03-2014, 02:08 PM
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Default  RE: Meditation
(10-03-2014, 02:21 AM)schlondark Wrote: I agree with the suggestion that this should be moved to tips and tricks; it relates more to the theory and practice of meditation than it does to tulpas in general and has a few minor grammatical errors which make it (as of now) seem a bit less professional than what we like to accept as a guide.

No one... Suggested that though? I guess you're on your own here, I'm mostly leaning towards Resources. It's valid to say that it can't go to Guides because it's not tulpa-related enough, but it's not quite Tips and Tricks in my eyes.

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10-03-2014, 02:45 PM
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RE: Meditation
I'll approve this, though I do suggest one more read through of the submission by the author. I think that will help smooth out some phrases and such that seem just a bit awkward. As an example, the second paragraph in the submission should really be broken up into a few more sentences so that it reads more smoothly. Overall, I really like the content, but I don't think that there is enough direct tulpa-related info for this to go into the guide section. I feel it would be at home in the Resources section.
10-03-2014, 02:48 PM
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RE: Meditation
like schlondark said, you don't really need to list your credentials, it just adds extra length to the guide, and most people probably don't care about them.

Quote: Begin by being in our posture and working your way up, starting with your toes just allow gravity to take a hold of them and let the tension naturally fall away. Moving onto your feet and legs you're looking for those tiny bits of tension in your body. With the correct posture as previously outlined your body won't slouch your head can balance perfectly on your shoulders without falling forwards and your back can remain straight.

This part might be difficult to understand if you do not have prior experience with this technique

Otherwise, the guide is very good and well-written. Approved for Resources
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10-04-2014, 05:44 AM
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RE: Meditation
Approved for Resources.
10-04-2014, 06:07 AM
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RE: Meditation
(10-01-2014, 12:09 AM)Linkzelda Wrote: If it can’t, or minor extensions others suggested aren’t implemented in some form, I’d approve for Tips & Tricks. But I’m leaning more on Guides, though. I use the bed head as a support for my back when I used to count to 1,000, but this is just rambling on my end. The same shallow feeling you mentioned is something I can attest to as well, and that’s the moment it becomes fun seeing what your mind projects to you.

Was what I was after

Approved For Resources
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10-04-2014, 11:09 PM
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RE: Meditation
Yeah, this looks like good Resources material, so approved for there.
10-06-2014, 03:20 PM
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RE: Meditation
you helped me understand the basics of meditation.. thank you!



01-13-2015, 06:53 PM
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