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[Forcing] Candellaith's tubes [anti-puppeting guide]
I noticed that I sometimes obviously puppeted my tulpa, when I made them move exactly like I moved myself. It seems that I had some trouble getting into parallel processing, not just in terms of audibility.

Just like some audio guides recommend practising overlapping voice (making your tulpa say a different thing while you say another) to help with audibility, I found it useful to do the same with puppeting, and I'm giving a few examples of such symbolics.

Get your tulpa's face really close to your own and breath through your mouth. Tell your tulpa that whenever you breath out, they breath in and vice versa. This will help you to break the mirroring habit and get used to your tulpa doing different things.

If this seems too easy, do the same but at the same time imagine that there's two tubes next to your heads and there is a ball in each of the tube; every time you breath out, the ball in the right tube rises and when you breath in, it goes down. It's the same for your tulpa except in the left tube, now try to imagine all the sensations with the breathing and at the same time get the balls right.

At first I had some trouble doing multiple things at the same time like this, but over time it got better and it helped my tulpa to learn to move on her own after I had trained movement overlapping like this.

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This sounds promising. I'll definitely try this out with Dash sometime soon
Approved. [Sentience][Focus & Concentration][Misc.] (or just put [Independence] if we're to separate that from [Sentience] )

This is more of a tip, not really a guide, should be moved to General Discussion or a "Tips and Tricks" subforum if one would exist. If it's to be treated as a guide, it features some symbolism that may not work for everyone.
Like NotAnonymous stated, this is more of a tips and tricks rather than an actual guide. The underlying concept anyone should take into consideration to get with the puppetting or parroting syndrome drama is to learn how to bend their conscience a bit before they snap.

That’s all any puppetting/parroting alleviating guide submission will imply in the first place. People gravitate into thinking short-term applications to kick start movements of their tulpas will end up in some long-term habit that they can’t get out of. Not that this guide was promoting that, it's just that it's clear that if people realize the processes are merely transient and will eventually have the end result of a tulpa that can move fluidly on their own, there's no need for them to have exponential doubt.

Disapproved for potentially being a guide, approved for being shifted to a Tips subforum.
Guess I'll agree with the two above. This really is just a single tip. I'll go for a Tips subforum move as well, although first we need to get one.
EDIT: we've got one now so approved for Tips.
Just a single tip, not a guide. Also breathe is the verb, not breath. So breathe through your mouth, not breath through your mouth.
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Good tip, I'll have to give this one a shot sometime.
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Approved as a tip.
A good and simple training method for doing two different things at once. I can see how this would help with independence parallel processing as well as quashing any worries about puppeting.
Seems to start shakily/with things that are person-specific
and unrelated

*breath through your mouth* should be "breathe"

Approved for tips and tricks, could use a slight rewrite though
7/12 GAT members have suggested for this submission to be shifted to Tips & Tricks. Will wait for more GAT members to vote.

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