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[Forcing] Linkzelda's Ultimate Self-Hypnosis Scripts For Your Tulpa-Related Needs
There is a lot here, and actually given that you have something like eight pages of guide material this could probably go in Guides, maybe given a title change. But in the meantime I'll approve it for Resources.

I do agree with NotAnonymous, though, in that the typography could be better. There are a few weird spots of grammar, but not really significant. Lastly, you link to the old List of Guides, rather than the new one.

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Yeah okay the subconscious shit is just some bullshit and I think I have talked enough about that word on .info already. The basic idea is like, alright and all, but it's written in the usual weird New Age-y pseudoscience way. Maybe that's just the whole "the subconscious" thing, though.

I do like the part about telling people that all hypnosis is more or less self hypnosis. I haven't played with hypnosis a lot, but that's what I have learned about it. In fact, what really made me be able to go in trance was realizing that it was me doing it and not someone else.

I don't really know enough about hypnosis to say if this is good or not, or how simple a method like this is or anything. But looking at what I see, I would put it in resources above any other category. Tulpa-related hypnosis scripts are honestly made for that.
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GAT commentary:

Now that the Resources section exists, I approve of moving these self-hypnosis scripts there.
Definite Resources.
Approved for Resources.
Approved for resources. I love the idea.
7 for Resources, I thinker know where this is going.
Thank you for these. I have found them to be very helpful. ^^
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I would like to extend my thanks for these scripts. I've been using them a lot lately, and have found that they've worked wonders in areas where reading guides, consulting others, and "just believing" have mostly failed me for nearly a damn year now. I'm still not quite where I'd like to be, but with some repetition and continued work, I'm sure this method will get me there soon enough.

I had to "raise the stakes" in the leash/footrace script at the chasm by replacing the soft surface with jagged, brutal rocks just to put a little more emphasis on the importance of the leap, but otherwise just the stock, unedited scripts in your guide have worked perfectly for me.

If I were Roger Ebert, and I were still alive, I would give this two thumbs up.
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@iVirus, glad that these were helpful to you! Smile

@NeonKnights, glad to know that you're making some progress with this. And it's good that you added your own twist to really enforce more inward concentration with the "raise the stakes" event to develop an experiential learning in connecting with your tulpa more. It's that same sensory description and imagining it in your mind that will stack onto greater things.

I plan to made a revision in the future that will hopefully be more concise and direct on instructional mediums in creating the scripts.

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