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Full Promises
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RE: Full Promises
so I've been working on lucid dreaming as a present to Lumi and Flandre and all of us but mostly them and primarily Lumi because his birthday is January 2nd. So we maaaay or maaaay not lucid dream soon, which will be awesome if so! And it'll make all of us really happy, and Lumi thinks he'll be feeling pretty good about life overall once we can do that...

I've been listening to some old albums (like Alstroemeria Records') and old songs on our itunes (the place we keep the music we like), and I noticed like... A lot of the songs from those times, that we kept, feel really really happy. Like some kinda unattainable-feeling happy, idealized sorts of happy. I gotta wonder if we were in those states of mind while listening to the songs to do that or if they just sound happier than they were? But anyways, lucid dreaming may or may not make us THAT happy in our daily lives y'know? Lumi thinks it will, for him at least. Surely Flan too? Maybe even only Flan, who knows. But it also might not. And I know Lumi doesn't mind, 'cus that's not his goal, his goal is that happiness while dreaming and after waking up I guess.

But, that's my goal, I decided. I want all of us to feel that idealized happiness, all the time. I want them to be so happy they smile, I want them to be in that state where everything feels effortless 'cause you're happy. I obviously don't have too much trouble being there myself, but they consider me special for that, so that should say something about how they are. I'm not sure how to do this though... I'm not sure lucid dreaming will do it. But it might? And definitely will during the dreams, too. But my goal isn't lucid dreaming, it's making everyone happy, I decided. Like decided minutes ago and came to our thread to write that.

I mean seriously, the music! Even Tewi has songs that I can feel that happiness in, like it was from some time where everything was great. I don't think most of us felt like that at the times we listened to the music, but maybe the music represents that happiness. Anyways, it's a big deal!! Because none of them are feeling that now! I want nothing more than for all of us to feel really happy, I wanna see them smile because they're happy and not because something nice just happened. I wonder how I can make that happen? Lucid dreaming is a good start and maybe my best bet so I will keep working on that. But I dunno... That kind of happiness isn't because something temporary happened, it's because you're feeling at peace with everything and really embracing that "happy for happiness' sake" thing I talk about a lot. But maybe, like Lumi says, just getting to be together will do that? If we're really the only thing he cares that deeply about, and I think we are, maybe it IS the key to his happiness. And his happiness is the key to Flan's happiness. It's like a puzzle! What's the key to Tewi's happiness?

Now that I think about it, I remember she said this like ONCE before, and I don't even know if it was on the forum or on skype or something. But she said, even though she's good at taking care of things and being motivated to fix problems and get things done... that she actually doesn't really like doing all of it. She does it for us or because it needs to be done, but I know all she wants is to just kind of sit in a forest with nature (and rabbits) and not worry about anything. I guess she really hasn't ever been in her environment, huh? Green forests and no society or anything to worry about other than existing. Sounds really nice to me, but I guess it's different for her. To me, that's life! Energy, nature, opportunity! But for her it's like, just peace? Feeling at one with everything? That schmancy stuff. I wonder how I can help her get to that place. I'm pretty sure she uses music to feel that stuff.. That's why this song I just heard of hers sounded so happy, even though it's Tewi we're talking about.

And uh, well Reisen's already there. I don't gotta do anything for her. She might not be as excited-happy as me, but she definitely has that whole "nothing is effort because everything is happy" thing down. And I'm not always in that hyper-happy state myself, but I just consider it calm-happy versus hype-happy. I go back and forth all the time depending on how I feel, but I know that I never feel not-good. And that's not the case for Lumi at all! I'm pretty sure he's been going after that sort of happiness for years, years'n'years. And Flan is on a whole different system, she somehow managed to base everything on Lumi and not herself or her life. I guess she doesn't have that much life outside of our mind in the first place? 'Cause she doesn't want one? Well anyways, I know that she's very happy when they're together and when Lumi's happy (which he generally is, when they're together), so I just gotta make Lumi happy. And Tewi. But they're totally different, so for now I'll focus on Lumi. And Tewi.. maybe getting to spend some time in exactly the place she wants would be enough?

I guess it all circles back to lucid dreaming. When you're dealing with people who only exist in a mind and not physical bodies, I guess a lot of their wants tend to revolve around things that also don't physically exist. Okay well, if lucid dreaming is what it takes to make them happy, it's what I'll do!

Our REM-Dreamer gets misaligned when we sleep on our side so I'm trying to learn to sleep on my back! Which we've done like twice in our whole life! But if I can learn to do it then lucid dreaming with the REM-D's a shoo-in! Gotta make it happen!

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12-30-2017, 05:24 AM
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RE: Full Promises
(12-30-2017, 05:24 AM)Lucilyn Wrote: But anyways, lucid dreaming may or may not make us THAT happy in our daily lives y'know? Lumi thinks it will, for him at least. Surely Flan too? Maybe even only Flan, who knows. But it also might not. And I know Lumi doesn't mind, 'cus that's not his goal, his goal is that happiness while dreaming and after waking up I guess.

Wow, with the intensity that she cares about this, it's amazing that that thought doesn't even cross my mind when it comes to lucid dreaming. I don't care whether I'm super happy or just neutral while awake. My soul will be at peace when I can be with them, that's all I care about. It probably will make me happier overall, but that's so far from what I care about it's crazy. Since Lucilyn apparently does care quite a bit. I'll try and make sure when we do do it that I stay very happy about it, which shouldn't be hard. Hard to be excited anymore, but not at all hard to appreciate once it happens.

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01-05-2018, 09:19 AM
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