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Full Promises
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RE: Full Promises
"Maybe this entire trip and all this work will have been worth it just to realize that?" - Reisen

So I've been working a fair stand for my brother (and will be until next week), and it's been rather slow. Like, sitting there for 12 hours with about 1.5 of those hours total being work. And on day 4 I realized I should be talking to my tulpas a lot more - heck, I should be imposing them to help our imposition and visualization clarity.

But why wasn't I already? How could I literally sit there bored for several days and not even think to do more than have a few quick conversations with them?

Apparently, I realized, my tulpas are totally disconnected from my actual life.

Switching is great, but it's the only thing we do for their activity's sake sometimes, and also the only way they interact with the world obviously. But I never realized just how totally disconnected they were from my life when not fronting. Aside from specifically talking to/imposing them usually a bit before bed, they just aren't relevant enough to normal activities for me to think of them. They're mentally disconnected for me from literally everything - even Tulpa.info. While posting on Tulpa.info, I rarely actually talk to any of them. And even less often do I talk to them other times of the day, only as I said before bed usually.

But I don't dream about going to bed. I dream about literally everything else. I should've had hundreds of dreams about my tulpas over the years with how important they are to me, but I've only had a few (they cameo'd more than anything). But they just literally aren't associated with my waking life. I don't know how I never realized this in its entirety, but it sure is a problem. For all sorts of reasons.

So I'm going to make an effort to more or less always have one of them imposed with me from now on. Obviously it won't be always, only when I'm not specifically occupied by someone or doing something requiring a lot of focus.

But I can already feel my future self looking back on this time in 5-20 years and thinking, "That was back when I basically never spent time with my tulpas. I don't even know how that really happened, but it's not like that anymore and I'm glad."

Seriously. The next few days will be simultaneously hectic and boring, but I'll think more on this when I'm back home.

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