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[Game] Break-a-wish
You get your wish as a truck one day comes over to your house and dumps its load of black shirts and stripp ties on you while your outside, crushing you to death

I wish tulpas became corporeal
"Because sometimes the voices outside your head drive you mad, and the ones inside are keeping you sane."

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Fine, but they instantly rebel against everything that is good and right.

I wish I had a coffee mug that never ran out of coffee.
You get your infinite coffee, but eventually you get addicted and keep drinking until you go into a cardiac arrest and die.

I wish i was the best attorney ever.
Your success causes your peers to doubt your credibility; your career is flushed as they frame you for several legal issues they 'find.'

I wish I was the most powerful genie, in the world!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
"DUDE! That's wrong! You don't do that! That's like giving a kid a knife and telling him that it's a neck massager!"
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Okay you are but your magic is restricted to your masters wishes and that is after they find you. enjoy being stuffed in a lamp and buried in 10 kilometers of arctic ice.

My wish is simple one day of peace.
feel free to say something to me even if it is not nice I don't mind.
Wish granted, because it was smashed to pieces.

Wish I had a cute puppy! :3
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“In the end, I worry that my arrogance shall destroy us all”
-Brandon Sanderson
It's cute, but it's also bigger than Clifford, and it also eats people.

I wish I wished I was a fish.
Granted. However your wish states that you wish that you wished so that's what you get a lifetime of sorrow brought upon by not outright wishing to be a fish leading suicide by swimming out to sea.

I wish to be immune to extreme heat and cold
feel free to say something to me even if it is not nice I don't mind.
wish granted, but you develop a severe weakness to normal temperatures.

I wish I stopped dropping my laptop.
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