[Game] Breaking Point

I review the notes, and by a narrow margin I know who was chosen to live.

The next morning we visit the morgue. We pass the unrepairable water condensers, and walk through what used to be a lush and beautiful garden, now bare soil and dormant stems. Not even those intrusive native weeds grow now. I reach down to that once deep moist soil and it crumbles in puffs of dust.

The sun is bright this morning, awaiting the next pass of that terrible moon and its tail of death.

Well I heard from Earth this morning, we are indeed going to get picked up. We'll want for nothing, aparently our new jobs will be lecturing at colleges if we like, and we've got a book deal with a huge advance.

Everyone's spirits are lifted momentarily, even the clearly dead apple trees, their branches puckered and wrinkled like the arms of an emaciated old man, can't lower our mood, until we reach the morgue.

Let's prepare the last casket, Chi and Amantha, would you mind?

I take the gun silently, align a bullet to the barrel, and as Chi bends over the casket to fluff the pillow I pull the trigger; killing Chi instantly. His body slumps and I help align him to his resting place.

Amantha stands there in shock for a moment.

We don't have enough rations or water, Amantha. The rescue crew won't get here in time... unless we utilize a rather disturbing resource.

I close the casket and seal the lid, inert gas fills the space and the cryo fluid begins to freeze the body, as is the method of temporary storage. We never defrosted anyone, that was the mortician's job and his parched, yet perfectly preserved body, lies among the rest here.

I pat the casket and look at Amantha seriously.

We have enough rations for three months... so the next nine months may not be very pretty, and we probably won't be the same afterwards, but I've calculated that we'll live.

I leave Amantha to contemplate the future and take the gun to the incinerator I had warming up. I remove the remaining bullets and toss it in. Then I toss the rest of the bullets into the dry well. Looking up at that glittering dome, I contemplate life and everything else. This was our adventure, our once in a lifetime opportunity, and for most of us, it'll be our tomb.

## We're done with reaking point for a while,  so please do whatever you want and we'll be around in other games.

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!!! You /drank/ me???
I guess that's a meaningful way to go, at least... -Chi rip
##No, i think they're going to eat you, but they'll probably drink any fluids, sounds dire.
I hope my corpse isn't alien or cartoon flesh because if it is you guys might get poisoned (or starve due to lack of nutrients) eating me.

I'm still working on the finale and the new game I'm planning for, I'll give you guys an update once I'm ready.
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## Wow... Luck does play a major role in this game.

But a good game, everyone. Well played.
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## Congratulations Amantha!

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