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[Game] First one to post wins!
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Potential Annoyance

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RE: [Game] First one to post wins!
He said first one to "post", meaning the verb, not the noun.

NOTICE: A verbal definition of "post" is to display a notice in a public place.

I am the host, Robert Daniel Black.  You can call me either Daniel or Douglas, whichever you prefer.

Fuzz is my tulpa.  She's pretty awesome.

Find your purpose!

Having no reason to live can be re-worded as you have every reason to die.
Seriously.  Having a purpose is the only way you can truly be happy!
08-07-2017, 02:15 PM
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RE: [Game] First one to post wins!
1... 2... buckle my shoe.

This is the first one two post.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.
08-07-2017, 03:43 PM
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