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[Game] Oujia board!
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RE: [Game] Oujia board!


Don't worry guys, I'm not a Dragon! My art style is an optical illusion. I'm not a hippo either, I promise.
Ranger now speaks in light blue text, but some of his older posts are in blue text and his oldest posts are in orange text.
Yesterday, 11:06 PM
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RE: [Game] Oujia board!


Angry Bear: host, 6'4", green eyes, brown hair
Ashley: tulpa, 5'6", 27, amber eyes, brown hair
Dashie: tulpa, 5'4", 21, dark violet eyes, blue hair
Misha: tulpa, 5'0", 20, blue eyes, magenta/pink hair
Our Journey
11 hours ago
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RE: [Game] Oujia board!

f i v e
9 hours ago
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