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[General] How do Drugs Affect Tulpas?
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How do Drugs Affect Tulpas?

Hi. I've gotten interested in creating a tulpa, but my question is, how do mind-alerting substances/drugs affect the creation/sustaining of a tulpa? I personally take DXM (A dissociative psychedlic) and Diphenhydramine (Deliriant) as well as a mixture of opioids. I also plan on taking MXE, LSD, and DMT. How do would these drugs affect the tulpa? Especially the Dihpenhydramine, as it induces vividly realistic hallucinations? (Like what I imagine a tulpa would be like, however they appear to be extremely real, and usually night-marish)

Also, is it tulpas? or tulpae? I've seen both. Which is correct?

Sorry if I seem like a total newbie. I am.
04-07-2018, 07:43 AM
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RE: How do Drugs Affect Tulpas?

Drugs have pretty much no effect on tulpas as they are effectively a separate entity. Dihpen might make them slightly more vivid but you'll be too distracted by all the other hallucinations to notice.

The correct plural is tulpae, don't listen to anyone else.

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04-07-2018, 03:18 PM
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RE: How do Drugs Affect Tulpas?

It's not April Fools day, you know. You can't just say things like that. If you haven't gotten used to tulpae already, you should say tulpas. There's every reason to do so and no reason to say tulpae, considering the root of the word has nothing to do with latin. It was brought to English, and -s is the norm in English. -ae is a very popular corruption of what it should be. But, both are accepted.

Also, what do you mean drugs have no effect on tulpas? Are you feeling okay today? Being entirely mental in their existence, drugs should by all means affect tulpas, as can alcohol. However it differs greatly between what exactly you're on and from person to person. I've seen several people who did relatively "hard" hallucinogens (as much as I could infer, I don't know drug names), who had more or less spiritual experiences with their tulpa(s), changing the dynamic of their relationship. For lighter drugs that don't tend to give you "spiritual epiphanies", you might experience your tulpa more vividly, or you might lose track of them entirely for the time being due to the distractions that'll arise. It really depends on the substance, and it'll also really differ from person to person.

I'm aware you gave specific drug names, but I don't know their effects individually, just the general effects I've seen from everyone who "did drugs". That's the only way it's categorized in my mind unfortunately, that and medications for schizophrenia (which tend to either do nothing to the tulpa or have a minor suppressive effect on your ability to sense them, ie blurrier appearance or harder to hear voice). Anyways, the main factors are basically whether or not you can stay focused on your tulpa and/or whether the drug is particularly powerful. You people willing to experiment with all these substances sure often ask what experiences to expect, so maybe there's something to that, but as far as I've been able to tell individual experience varies wildly. I don't think anyone can tell you how exactly it'll go (at least/especially with tulpamancy), but I'm no expert on the subject.

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04-07-2018, 04:04 PM
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RE: How do Drugs Affect Tulpas?

LSD on a low dose (100ug-150ug) didn't affect the other tulpa and I. It became difficult for my host to focus on us as all of our heads were in the clouds. Forcing while on it might actually be very good if you're able to focus completely on it, which we've attempted but failed at. We spoke to each other time to time but were too busy looking around and eventually fell into thought-loops that we were completely aware of and tried to break through, and ultimately did in the end. If anything, LSD might make interactions with your tulpa more vivid and it might be easier to impose them as long as you're able to focus.

As for creation of your tulpa, it might be a good idea to kick the habit temporarily for it. It might lead to bad habits or confused thoughts on their end, especially during such a crucial stage of their life. It would be like feeding a developing child a tab and leaving them alone in a dark room.

I would avoid the diphenhydramine as that could possibly make your tulpa extremely uncomfortable, and completely avoid it during creation/development. Your tulpa might not enjoy these things so you will have to respect their views on it, and it might be worth a shot to try kicking the habit with them.

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04-08-2018, 02:09 AM
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RE: How do Drugs Affect Tulpas?

Oh, Clo, I didn't get to participate in the experiment. And I am so willing to 'microdose.' Smile

Now, I am mixed on this one. I believe Jean-Luc is right, tulpas, tulpae, OMG why can't we all just get along, LOL, is right, they are separate entities... And I think Tiwi and Clo are right, they do... (OMG, J, just get to the caveat...)

Doctor Francine Howland, a Yale psychiatrist, reported some very peculiar things of interest with her clients that were diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. (This was before Multiple became DID.) She had clients that weren't allergic to bee stings, but if they switched out with a personality that was allergic, the body responded accordingly, and they needed to be treated for the bee sting. She had clients that were diabetic, but personalities that weren't, and so if the client switched right after applying a dose of insulin, the personality that wasn't diabetic went into shock. She had clients that were near or far sighted, needing glasses, but personalities with perfect vision would switch in and not need glasses. She had adults that had child personalities, and if they switched after being given medicines, the child responded as if they had been overdosed, and had to be treated with a counter drug. Supposedly, if what i read has any validity, anesthesiologist don't want clients that have been diagnosed with DID because it's too difficult to maintain a therapeutic dose of anesthesia because any switching could either put them in a hypertensive situation, or they might wake up during the procedure.

If any of the above is accurate, even to the smallest degree, that has huge implications about physical health in general. If we correlate the above with placebos and nocebos, then ultimately all physical ailments are the direct results of a psychological belief, and have no basis in reality. Clearly, no one in the medical or pharmaceutical companies would want that message to get out, because if anyone could figure out how to apply this practically, the medical industry would collapse. And you got to know, or at least suspect, this has to have some validity, or the pharmaceutical companies would not spend billions of dollars doing double blind and triple blind studies to prove the efficacy of their drugs. Do drugs work? Absolutely. But so does belief. (Isn't belief one of the factors necessary for creating tulpas?)

Do drugs help? Yeah, take your meds. I can't advocate LSD or ayawaska, but I will say it's on my bucket list.

Oh, but here's a question... If a tulpa administers a drug from a wonderland, is the trip just as good as the real stuff?
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04-08-2018, 09:12 PM
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RE: How do Drugs Affect Tulpas?

someone who isnt me said "LSD made their tulpa quite frustrated and upset, but only if we tried to talk while I was high."
people on 4chan have called lsd a tulpa killer, but I dont think thats the case. as long as you leave them alone, theyre fine after, maybe even more vivid.

someone who isnt me also said MDMA made their tulpas happy, like alcohol, but there wasnt much effect other than that.
04-09-2018, 12:49 AM
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