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[General] I really made my Tulpa angry, what do I do?
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I really made my Tulpa angry, what do I do?

So I've been making a Tulpa for a short time now, I've posted various questions here, and you all have been kind enough to answer them, so I have another one. My Tulpa has been progressing rapidly, I have in fact been able to have short conversations through nodding and shaking her head, and I am fairly confident it is in fact her. However a friend of mine whose an avid occultist thought he new a way that he could get her to sentience and vocality through a special meditation he had devised. I told him about my Tulpa Lillaine, so that he could get an idea of her, and he said he would be meditating on her in an attempt to visit her in my wonderland. I was OK with this, I am open minded, and I broke the news to Lilliane after I cooked her dinner. She was really angry, in fact this was one of the first times I've heard her speak, and it was a solid expression of anger. She than dissipated before I could try and talk to her, and I can't sense her anywhere. My friend said he attempted to meditate and reach out to her, and he got an earful from her. Now, he's a bit out of his mind, so I am not entirely sure that I believe he can even do such a thing, much less that he did, but she certainly is angry with me. She is extremely young, the only reason she is as developed as she is is because I had a Tulpa when I was a child, and I believe she latched on to the residual openness to develop far quicker. I am worried that this amount of anger might fuck up Lillaine in the long term, or that she could dissipate forever since she is so young and I can't force if I can't find her. It's been a day. Any suggestions? And will she be majorly screwed up? I know what I did was selfish and awful, no need to rant at me in the comments.
04-05-2018, 10:42 PM
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RE: I really made my Tulpa angry, what do I do?

People don't get messed up because of anger. Anger is a natural, emotional response to a perceived injury. There's too little information to speculate as to the injury, or if Lillaine has disposition that potentially might cause her to be more easily irritated.

Why can't you force if you can't find her? She wasn't there when you started, and so you would have used psychological symbols for directing energy towards her. Send her a letter or an email, real or metaphorically, and apologize. ask if she will explain the nature of her grievances. Loxy perspective, you went to an outside agency to affect her without consulting her. You have been her primary interaction point and this a violation of trust. That makes sense to me, too.

L here, I want to iterate this point, in case my host isn't clear. The majority of this forum will lean towards the psychological perspective where your friend can not visit your wonderland, and his prayers or special meditation will have no affect on yours or her reality. Using the psychological perspective, the mere act of asking an outside agency to influence was a symbolic act of not trusting your ability, her ability, or the process to develop as it will. You can't rush perfection. Follow the procedures. Let it be what it will.
04-05-2018, 11:10 PM
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RE: I really made my Tulpa angry, what do I do?

If I was told that some random guy would end up in Cat's head and try to talk to me without me knowing, I would be pretty creeped out too. It's also possible she's mad because she didn't want you to tell him about her, especially if she isn't vocal yet. I made the decision that Cat can tell other people about me, but Lillaine may have not. My other thought is she may be getting the sense that you don't want to force with her. I would start with asking her yes or no questions and let her explain to you how she feels about this issue. Communication is key here.

As for her hiding, I have attempted to hide myself once. I did it because I thought I was distracting and stressing out Cat, so I disappeared. She couldn't reach me until I let her near me. My guess is she's still there, and she could be listening. Try calling her name, telling her that you're sorry for hurting her feelings, etc. I would think she would get bored and lonely for hiding a really long time, but that's just me.

I agree with solarchariot that the lack of context limits my advice here. Just be gentle, and my guess is she may be more willing to have a conversation if you take it nice and slow.

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04-06-2018, 12:51 AM
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