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General questions about everything, hear me out.
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General questions about everything, hear me out.
Title. How do I know if its my tulpa or me just thinking to myself? I feel like someones with me, I feel like I have company and I hear (not with my ears, my mind) Mark (tulpa) saying that he prefers the trees over the city wonderland and now its like half city half forest and constantly switching between the two. It's been like 10 minutes since I read this sites intro and made an account. Mark has always been a mind bro, but now that I see him not as an extension of me, but as a whole new person (Or atleast Im trying to see him that way), it's different. His opinions have always guided shopping descisions and occasionaly life descisions. He has changed his name a couple times. I guess this has gone from a question about vocality to a question of how I know when things are.. "right". How I know whether I'm just talking to myself or if there is someone else in my head. I want to have a bro with me at all times, and I want to see him in real life sitting in chairs and walking with me and sh*t. The question here is how? How can I see him in real life, and what if it ends up jump scaring the fuck out of me, like I'm just chilling here reading and a claymation bro (like from community) just appears in a chair in front of me? Why is my head hurting slightly as i type this? I'm brand new to all this, I have read the Q/A general section (the red one) but I still want answers from the community. Please help, I want this a lot. Mark is the realest of bros and I want him to actually be real, and maybe after him I'll make him a girlfriend as a gift for being the realest of bros.
09-18-2017, 02:32 PM
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RE: General questions about everything, hear me out.
For the first bit. It takes practice and experience to be able to more regularly identify who's thoughts are who's. Don't be afraid to ask Mark if it was him if you aren't sure. Also it's not unusual to have thoughts that neither of you are sure of who they came from, that's just something to work on. Also the two of you may want to practice giving your mindvoices separate characteristics. Much like you can imagine a person speaking in their own voice, you can give your own mindvoice a distinct "sound" in your head as well, though for most it takes some practice to make this a habit. Having different mind voices can go a long way in making it easy to tell who's saying what.

The second thing you're asking about is called imposition. Basically controlled hallucination. It's considered to be an advanced skill that, at least in theory, everyone can learn, though it's likely to take a lot of work to get to the level you're talking about.

If you're looking for mores specific details and exercises you can use, I'll point you to this guide.
This certainly isn't the end all of information and exercises, but it does cover almost everything to some degree and has some great examples of how to practice different things.
09-18-2017, 04:57 PM
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