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[General] Sick Tulpa
Firstly, my Tulpa is unusual in that she was not created on purpose or with prior knowledge of the concept of tulpas(hadn't heard the word until six months in), and immediately showed a full personality not apparently created by my experience or imagination. Secondly, she seems to be "sick." Her mind is fine, but she feels sick, nauseous, etc. And her puppet (which she appeared with, underweight, pale, black hair, white dress, sometimes expresses wish to look slightly different but can't really change) is uncontrolled most of the time nowadays. She vomits, and has other signs of sickness and collapses on the ground. I, and my body, are perfectly fine. Possessions is also harder for her lately. So, anything for a sick Tulpa? (Extra credit: know of any other tulpas created accidentally?)

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I'm confused about the puppet. Is that a thoghtform?

I don't know why she's sick. How long was she sick for? Is it possible your belief in her sickness is making it real? I need more information.

I was created accidentally. My host talked to me for long enough that I developed and achieved sentience.
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My tulpa Gavin was created on accident. I said to my "imaginary conversation partner" one day, "Why don't you give yourself an identity? Why don't I treat you like an imaginary friend or something?" Within a few weeks, I had a tulpa and was so confused (I didn't know what they were). He also did not have a form.

If I'm getting this right, your tulpa's sickness came with her form, which you did not control. Allow her to change her form at any time. Look up photo references and ask if she likes any of the forms she sees. She may just choose to stop.

Is she vocal and somewhat developed? When Cassidy was just a few days old, he would get frustrated by all my questions that he couldn't answer well. I also couldn't visualize his form very well, especially when he moved. Cassidy saw himself with no arms, which was a little scary to see. It was his way of expressing his frustration at being so young, and thankfully went away in minutes.

Lastly, tulpas are greatly impacted by symbolic acts. In wonderland, picture some form of healing light or whatever you think will work, and have it wash over and heal her form. Mental forms don't get sick like the body. They're perceived/seen as sick, and that perception is easy to alter. If you think she'll get better, she will.

Since there are no 'bugs' in wonderland, her sickness could be a metaphor for something you're doing or not doing. Think back to the first signs of this sickness and imagine the following:

1. Did you begin to spend less time with her?
2. Did you start a relationship that drew your interest away from her?
3. Did she get more attention (of the wrong kind) once she became sick?

I'm not saying she's faking it, but she has access to the same subconscious that you do and the subconscious mind like to play tricks especially with metaphors (like dreams).

Begin 'treatment' immediately in a way that is a regimented, daily ritual. In this way she is guaranteed time with you and you should begin to see improvement within a day or so.

All of my tulpas (Especially Ashley) have gone through periods of weakness (aka sickness), and in these times they have always been cured by doses of extra attention. Especially strong methods are affection, love, and snuggles.

To facilitate this, imagine her getting cleaned, her hair done, her skin exfoliated and massaged, and then snuggle with her on a big fluffy bed on a warm tropical island with just you two for miles in any direction and talk to her (or something she wants to do.)
My tulpas get sick, sort of, with what appears as flu, fever and what not, because it's how our wonderland works because we made it that way. Sometimes it's random and other times it's from what would be a logical cause in the outside world, such as sleeping outside in the wet and cold. However those sicknesses rarely ever last more than a day, two days is the max. And it's something we've made a conscious decision to allow to happen, for realism's sake and to give the tulpas a chance to experience as much of being alive as possible, including the negative such as pain, sickness, cold, etc. Just throwing that in there.

I don't know what's up in your case, though, might be something the others have suggested. It could be for attention if she feels like she's not getting enough, or something's bothering her and she doesn't know how to deal with it and it's causing "symptoms". Talk about it with her and work from there.
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In addition to Ranger and Bear's excellent questions, if she arrived with a fully developed personality, what is she saying about the illness?

Contextually, I assume by her "puppet" you mean her form/appearance/mental body?

I wasn't intended either. Accidental tulpas are very common. The 2018 Tulpa Community Census reports 139 of 319 hosts have at least one tulpa not created intentionally. And before the tulpa community existed, the soulbonding community tended to assume headmates just happened.

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